Thrifty Saturday



Last night, due to a some free time (yay weekend) and a few episodes of Face Off (any other Face Off watchers out there?) I got the back of Aidez done.


Which my cat promptly sat upon and would only be moved on pain of squirt bottle.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but this hasn’t been going very smoothly. I’ve been making a lot more mistakes than usual, and I don’t know if that’s because I’m being sloppy or if I’m just having trouble understanding the pattern. A bit of both, I think.  Not that the pattern is bad necessarily. It just refers to things in ways that I am not used to. Like Back Cross for instance. That stumped me for a while. So I googled. It’s a Cable Two Back (or is it front). Nothing crazy. But why couldn’t you just say that? I’ve been having a lot of word choice issues like that. The pattern isn’t hard once you get the stitch pattern going, it’s just a little tough to get started. Especially if you’re rushing like me. (Come on! I’ve got a goal to make!).

I’ve started on the Left Front now. And of course ripped back like two times. I’ll get the hang of this soon, I swear.

In other news, I went thrifting today.Image

I tried one new store and then good old faithful Salvation Army. I had better luck at the first store (Family Thrift Store. Original name, right?) today. I got a dress and a sweater. I got the dress because it fits me really well, but I’m thinking I might add some lace to the bottom to add more length (modest is hottest) or just wear it with tights. It’s not indecently short, but a little more than I’m comfortable with. Like, Dad would let me wear it out of the house, but he’d make a face first.

It was only $5, so I can afford to add a little more to make it more me.


The other thing I got was a sweater for $2. I’ve been trying to build up a more professional side to my wardrobe for when I go to observe in schools (and hopefully for when I become a teacher).  What I really need is dress pants, but they seem to be eluding me. But this is a nice, neutral, flattering sweater that I could wear with a skirt to go observe in the classroom. I’m hoping it will make me look older and more mature, because I’m not too far from those high schoolers myself!

That’s all I got, but I’d consider it to be a good thrifting day. I spent less than $10 and got pretty new (to me) things. Now I just have to do laundry so I can actually wear them…. *sigh*

My laundry basket overfloweth…



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