T-Shirt DIY

I have a confession to make. I think I am addicted to Pinterest. I think Pinterest may be my new Tumblr. This may only slightly by due to the fact that tumblr makes my computer lag like nothing else (it’s getting elderly, my computer). Or perhaps I enjoy that aspect of Pinterest that says ” I made this, and so can you!” While I don’t yet feel compelled to make my own laundry detergent or decorate my entire house with wine bottle corks, I have been inspired to try a few non-knitting craft projects.So here is one of my very own Pinterest diy’s.

The Pin: T-Shirt to Draped Vest

The Original Site

My Version:


The tutorial is fairly easy. All you need is a big men’s t-shirt and some scissors. I used an extra large (If it had been large my dad would have adopted it.)green shirt that I got for a dollar at Salvation Army. It had a pocket on the front, but I ripped it off.

The steps are simple.

Lay out shirt.

May 2013 173

Remove cat from shirt. (I swear it took approximately 3 seconds after laying the shirt down before the cat was on it. Always has to be the center of attention, geez…)


Snip the sleeves off..


And now the collar…You might want to start small with this and increase it later. Essentially this is going to be the hole where your arms go, but it will stretch out a bit with time, so don’t cut it too loose.


This is how it will look opened up.


Last step: Trim and wear!





The camera whoring is optional, but really at this point, why not? This vest is super easy to make and easy to wear. Plus is get to look super accomplished when I said that I made it.

Now excuse me, I think I have some more projects I need to pin on Pinterest.

Stripes! Colors! and Scarves, oh my!

I am SO CLOSE to being done with finals, which is a relief, because I’m also really tired. My brain needs a break. Hopefully I can fit that break into the two weeks before summer classes begin, because this June I get to take Chemistry for Liberal Arts Majors. Whoohooo!

With all the finals stress, I did manage to complete one knitting project to show you. So meet my most recent FO, the classic Noro scarf :Image

As you can see, while I have had the time to finish it, I haven’t had the time to take proper pictures of it. So you get the awkward-arm-selfies (Look at it! It’s so wonky…).

While I refer to this scarf as the Noro scarf, that’s really more of an homage to the pattern that I think every knitter has used. It’s not made of Noro. Noro and I have met several times in yarn stores, and I’ll admit the colors are enticing, but every time I actually touch Noro I am severely disappointed. If I can spin softer yarn than that there is a problem. Plus, it’s got little pieces of like grass and hay in it. Sorry, you’re going to have to be cheaper for me to put up with that. So this scarf is made out of Noro’s softer cheaper cousin, Lion Brand Amazing Yarn.

I had actually used Lion Brand Amazing to make Wingspan, which was great fun. I loved watching the color changes with that pattern, but when I put it on, It was so not me. Nor was it any member of my family (We like neutrals. We like muted colors. Olive drab: good. Bright pink: Bad.). So I did the next logical thing. I threw it on the FO pile for about a year to mellow before ripping it out to make the Noro scarf. I am much happier with it this way.

This is the face I make when patrons look at me too long in the library.

I’ve also made the Noro scarf before, in my early knitting years with Mini Mochi Yarn (which was beautiful). However, in those days, I liked my scarves really long and super skinny. Now I like a little more substance. So this scarf is really wide. I think about 40 stitches (I don’t remember how many I cast on.). It’s also really long, because I just kinda shoved it into my backpack and worked on it at school and didn’t realize how bit it was getting. It’s like Tom Baker’s Doctor status. (Even though I’ve never actually seen his Who stuff, apologies to all hardcore Whovians.)


As for the stripes, I paired 4 different colorways, because they were what I happened to have at the time/ they were on clearance when I went to Michael’s. I paired the Wildflowers colorway with Glacier Bay, and the Aurora colorway with Ruby. I don’t know that I would pair Aurora and Ruby again, they were very similar in some spots and I had to cut some sections out so the stripes didn’t match.

I’m really pleased with how this scarf turned out. I have a feeling that it will be a favorite come Winter. However, these days it’s getting to about 80 degrees in the afternoon. Boo. But once it gets chilly again, I’m going to wear the heck out of this scarf!