January Round Up

ImageJanuary turned out to be a pretty productive month for the knits. I think most of that was due to the couple weeks of winter break that I had. I have a feeling production is really going to slow as the new semester picks up. But lets review the FO’s. First we have the Miette Cardigan, arguably my favorite project in all of ever and definitely my favorite for this month. Though I am fond of stripe study…This was just slightly a January FO, since it finished it on the first and most of the work was done in 2012. But it makes my list of FO’s for January look impressive. So it stays.Image

Then we have Nae. Nice, simple pattern, pretty yarn. Such pretty yarn. It’s really not fair how pretty it is. I’ve blocked it out properly now, and let me tell you, it makes a huge difference. It lays so much flatter and really changes the drape of the fabric. It’s a lovely scarf.


Next up is Ripley, the tragedy had remade. I feel like I’ve redeemed myself somewhat. I’d love to make this in other colors. I’d also really like to try making it in the suggested Blue Sky Alpacas Worsted. I’m really feeling the need to branch out in my yarn selection, and go for higher quality yarns. It’s a goal I’ve set for myself.


After that we have the fabulous Stripe Study. Just go make it. Buy the pattern, it’s totally worth it. It’s so cozy. It’s like a socially acceptable security blanket. In any colors you want. You can’t argue with that!ImageThen finally we have the Hexipuffs. The pringles of the knit world. They’re kind of addicting. I was going for a goal of two puffs a day (I refer to it as my two puff a day habit), but I think I’m going to pull it back to one a day, just so my other knitting projects don’t get neglected. They are a great portable project for when you still haven’t printed out the pattern for the next thing you’re going to make. I just hope nobody asks me what I’m knitting when I’m making these because trying to explain it is going to make me sound really crazy (Like Doctor Who!).

Another important piece of January business…

I had set some goals for myself for the month of January. New years goals are so mainstream, I’m going for new month goals. 😛 But anyways, my biggest goal for January was to blog at least 20 days in the month. I promised myself that I would reward myself if it blogged at least 20 days and…


This will be blog post #22!! I met my goal! Now I can reward myself! This reward thing had seriously kept me going. I think I’m going to have to reward myself for goals next month too (only if I complete them, of course). I’m going to buy myself some loose leaf tea from David’s Tea. I haven’t decided what kinds yet. It’s going to be so fun to pick! I’m so glad I blogged…