In which I’m not cut out for capsule wardrobes…

So a few weeks ago I posted about being curious about the capsule wardrobe/minimalist movement. I liked the idea of having more time in the morning because you’re not taking so long to decide what to wear. I liked the idea to remixing pieces for several different looks. I also liked the idea of saving some money and curbing impulse buys when it comes to clothing (Old Navy, you are my kryptonite!). So I decided to try it for the month of November, Tori Style.

capsule collage

28 pieces of clothing, 6 pairs of shoes, 2 necklaces.  Because I am human, and because Texas is in that weird in between month when it doesn’t know what season it is, I’m not limiting myself on tights or scarves. Because I am human, I am not also not counting belts. Here is what this experience has taught me so far:

  1. Minimalists are consistent- I see article after article and plenty of blog posts about how the most productive people are the ones who have an unofficial uniform. Steve Jobs! Mark Zuckerberg!  It leaves them time and energy to focus on other stuff. But I don’t work that way. As I’ve been attempting this who capsule wardrobe thing, one quote keeps swimming to the surface of my mind. “When a woman says, ‘I have nothing to wear!’, what she really means is, ‘There is nothing here for who I’m supposed to be today.” – Caitlin Moran. Minimalists are comfortable being the same person every day. I’m not there yet.nothing to wear2
  2. I actually have to iron stuff – Again, one of the virtues commonly extolled about the capsule wardrobe is less laundry. While technically true, it does mean that I actually have to iron things because I can’t cycle through as many pieces of clothing in my attempts to avoid ironing. Perhaps this is what being an adult looks like.shoes1
  3. It teaches the value of well made pieces – About two days into this whole project my favorite brown boots cracked across the bottom….while it was raining. I was about ready to give up the whole endeavor right there. Clearly the stars were aligned against it. But I soldiered on and found new boots, but I was much more conscious about their quality. Having fewer pieces makes you more reliant on the ones you do have, and helps you to make smarter investments on pieces in the future.
  4. No one will notice – Seriously. No one will ask you, “hey, why are you wearing the same things over and over?” This is because they are probably the same pieces you wear over and over anyways. These are the pieces that make you feel good and that are easy to wear several different ways. People are used to seeing these items, and so they won’t bat their eyes if they see them showing up again..and again..  Even the people close to you. They really won’t notice.capsule pose 1
  5. You’ll have more than you realize – Sometimes I worry that I won’t have enough to get me through the month, then I look at my list of clothing and I realize that I really do have a lot to work with. While I don’t know that I’ll be keeping my wardrobe limits next month, I do think I will continue to limit wardrobe additions. I really do have a lot that I am not utilizing, and I don’t need to add anything else (Unless something breaks, or it’s a really good deal at Old Navy.).

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