To the point.

So this post is going to be in bullet form tonight because.

1. I don’t have enough of one thing to make a whole blog post. and

2. I promised Mom I’d go to bed at 11:00 p.m. It is now 10:50.

Ready? Here we go!



  • I tried the first of my sample teas tonight. It was Santa’s Secret (trying not to think that sounds dirty…). It was surprisingly minty, but in a good way. I usually don’t like minty teas, but this was more girl scout cookie minty than Listerine minty. I enjoyed it. I can see how it would make a good Christmastime tea. Image
  • I had it at 8:00 at night, even though it’s not decaf because I seriously could not keep awake today. I maybe stayed up late skyping someone, and then we practiced meditation in my wellness class. With the lights off…and nature music (you know the kind. with the birds tweeting and the water sounds.) Yeah, if I wasn’t tired already…I could hardly keep my eyes open in my next class. I needed caffeine in a bad way. 
  • I am soooo close to finishing the left front of Aidez. Like rows away. So close I can taste it. Not that I’m actually tasting my yarn. That’d be weird…Image
  • My parent’s anniversary is tomorrow. 30 years! Go Mom and Dad! Except they’ve been off doing romantic things all weekend and leaving me all alone… 😦 Though i did get them to take me to Olive Garden for their anniversary. Third Wheeling it like a boss!
  • It’s 11:00! I must go! Goodnight!
    Have a seagull picture.

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