Dad’s Overdue Christmas Present



They’re finished! They’re done! *Does a happy dance*

I have finally finished and woven in every tiny little end on my dad’s fingerless gloves. So many tiny little ends…

But they’re done! and he likes them. I was smart this time, and made him try them on as I go, So I can make sure that the fingers were wide and long enough. He requested extra long fingers on this pair. They almost swallow up my hands when I try them on, but he likes them this way.



The pattern is Cigar by Kerri Cadd. I made them all fingerless, rather than just the first two fingers. I have made this pattern one time before, and again I was very pleased at how it turned out. The increases for the thumb gusset are done in a different way, and it looks really cool going down the side of the hand. 

The last time I had made these gloves they were also for my Dad. That was probably a year ago. I made them out of 100% wool. He promptly felted them. He works for a nursery (for plants, not for babies) and so he’s always working with his hands. So he got the gloves wet while watering, and then just felted them with the friction of working. To his credit, he continued to wear them, up until about yesterday. They still technically fit, but when you compare them with the new ones, the size difference is comical. The new ones are made out of acrylic. I don’t think Dad can handle special care yarns yet…

I was concerned when I was making these that Dad wasn’t going to get a chance to wear them. The weather has been very warm lately, and I was starting to think that winter was done. Then today the temperature dropped, and it’s supposed to be cold all next week. So now he can actually use his new gloves. Good call, weather. Good call.


P.S. I tried the Love Tea #7 this morning. It was tasty. The strawberry pieces really make it something special. Or perhaps it’s my weakness for strawberry teas…