Old FO Tuesday! In Which I am Passionate about Harry Potter.

It’s that time again! It’s Tuesday, my sometimes favorite day of the week. (Bible study is on Tuesday. I like Bible study. But then Tuesday is so far away from the weekend. So it’s only my favorite sometimes.)  Today I get to reveal to you a yet unforeseen level of nerdiness. However, it’s a level of nerdiness you probably expected.


Meet my Ravenclaw scarf! Look, I even posed in the library(loudest. shutter clicks. EVER!)  to legitimize my Ravenclaw status. Why does my Ravenclaw status need to be legitimized, you ask?

Because Pottermore is made of lies.

Pottermore sorted me into Slytherin. I am not a Slytherin.  I may have Slytherin qualities. I get stuff done. I also happen to like the color green. But snakes? Noooo thank you. and dungeons? It’s just not me. Nope. I’ve decided. That test was totally wack anyways. I set up an account for my dad and he took the test and his questions were sooo much better. His were all deep and interesting with five responses to choose from. I got “Do you prefer the sun, or the moon?” The heck does that tell you about me? (I am possibly too passionate about this.)

Anyways, guess where my dad got sorted? Ravenclaw. Ugh!


Back to the knitting details. The pattern is House Scarves, for the first and second year scarves. I went with the movie colors over the book colors because the scarves were based off the movie costumes and because I couldn’t find any bronze yarn I liked. I used Caron Simply Soft (It’s like I can’t get away from this stuff!) and size 6 needles. I actually used double pointed needles for this. Never again. They hurt, and the’re awkward to use. Circular needles all the way.

This thing too me ages to finish. I blame the uncomfortable needles, and the fact that after a while, it gets pretty boring. It’s not difficult to knit though. It’s amazingly warm and toasty because it’s a tube not a flat piece. I’m very fond if it, and my family members are jealous. My older brother asked me the other day if I’d make him a Hufflepuff scarf. Maybe when he finishes the series…

P.S. It is not a Dallas Cowboys scarf!