A Bad Day for Cars

Goodness. Today was a bad day to be a car in my family. My brother got into a minor car accident this morning. Don’t worry, he’s fine. His car is a little scuffed up, but doing surprisingly well. To quote John Green, it runs “not on gasoline, but on the inexhaustible fuel of human hope.” Apparently human hope is also good for dents.

Please enjoy this random picture of some yarn.
Then there is my car. My car was NOT in an accident (thank goodness). I thought my car was fine. It was just lulling me into a false sense of security. I spent more money on my car than two weeks worth of paychecks.

I was just going for an oil change and an inspection, but then my car failed the inspection because the tires were stripped. So I went and got new tires. Turns out the car needed new tires because the suspension was off. So I needed to get it aligned. Sure, do that too. Also, new windshield wipers. So I spent a nice chunk of time (and money!) at the shop waiting for my car to get fixed. Did I mention I forgot my knitting. gah!



Right now I’m working on some fingerless gloves for my Dad. They are the one thing (or two, depending on how you count) keeping me from casting on for Aidez. I know that if I start Aidez, I will never finish these gloves. Fingerless gloves are not my favorite thing. Too many strings and fingers flopping around. And sooo many ends to weave in. But I owe my dad a pair of gloves. I made him a pair for Christmas, but they were a little too tight in the fingers and I was never happy with how they looked so I just said I’d remake them. Then I never did. He’s been pestering me for them for the past month (As he should. It was his Christmas present.), so I just need to get them done. Fortunately gloves move pretty quickly in worsted weight, so I should finish these soon. Then on to Aidez!