Old FO Tuesday

I’m becoming a real fan of Old FO Tuesdays because I don’t have to worry about doing something interesting on Tuesdays. Because I’ve already done something interesting sometime in the past.

Like make this hat.


This hat was actually a project a few semesters back for my Humanities class. We had to make art inspired by other art, and I decided to go with what I knew and did the knitting-is-art route. Because knitting is art, and no one can convince me otherwise.

This hat is inspired by the Rose Window (one of them) at Reims Cathedral in France. I worked out all the colorwork by myself (and often by the seat of my pants.) and used the pattern Purl Beret as a base pattern. The yarn is Knit Picks Palette (which I spell-check every time) since I had it on hand and didn’t have time to look for anything else, since it was a class assignment.


I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. It’s not perfect by any means, but it’s good for a beginner in colorwork.  I had only done one other knitting project with colorwork, and none where I charted my own. It took a lot of trial and error, and my decreases are…creative at best. But it worked out in the end.  I ended up with a pretty nice hat at the end of the project. I got an A on the project too. 🙂



I finished the first sleeve today. One down.  One to go.

It’s funny, I’ve been getting a lot more reactions to these sleeves than usual. I’m not sure why, but people seem particularly baffled by them. 

My grandparents asked what I was knitting and I said “A sleeve.” and they asked me if they were going to be attached to anything.

…Yeah…Isn’t that how sleeves normally work?

Then this afternoon I was knitting in the student lounge of the library (the vending machine room basically) and a girl came in and bought a soda. As she walked out, she saw me and did a sort of double take. 

“Let me guess…Knee socks?”

I thought that guess was pretty good, but I explained that it was a sleeve and put my arm in to show her. and she went “Oh. It’s beautiful.” I thanked her and I thought…sleeves can be beautiful? That’s a funny thing to think…but darn right they can! So that was a nice experience. It’s fun to run into people like that.

Hopefully (hope, hope, hope) I’ll be able to get some work done on the second sleeve tomorrow. I’m almost finished with the ribbing, but I’ll need to do a lot more than that to make my deadline. School is reaching crunch time too, so I don’t know how much I can get done between classes. I’ve been running all over campus trying to meet with counselors and apply for things and it’s time consuming. Also stressful. Which is why I’m going to go to bed now. Because stress is tiring.

I think I can…


Hello everyone! I hope you are all doing well? Did anyone watch the Oscars? My mom and I watched it for a little bit before Dad made us change the channel to the acid trip that is Puss in Boots, the movie. Dreamworks, just step away from the Shrek franchise. Just walk away. You had your moment. Now you’re done. 

The one advantage to watching Puss in Boots, besides the occasional cat joke, was that I got to fit in some knitting time. I’m working on the sleeves for Aidez now. True to form, I’ve ripped back on these about 4 times. Every time I do the seeded wishbone cable it looks wrong. I’ve given up. I’m just rolling with it. As long as both sleeves look the same kind of wrong.

I’m doing the sleeves on a circular needle rather than doing them flat, because that’s just way too much seaming for me. And I’d prefer to have less bulk inside the arm. I mean, I’m not THAT good at seaming. That’s why I knit more than I sew. So I’m doing them in the round, and doing the caps straight back and forth. I’ve done a sweater with sleeves like that before so I should be able to manage.

I’m starting to think that I can actually get this done in time to make my February goal. I didn’t think I was going to be able to make it for a while. But now I have hope. i am so close, I just might be able to do it. Just one and a half sleeves and the sewing and it will be done. I have 4 days. Can she do it??

I think I can.

Busy Busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. The days have just been running away with me. There were days this week when I was away from home for fourteen hours at a time.  Then there was an essay to write and reading to do…Talk about tired! It’s been stressful, but I’ve also done some really fun stuff too!

ImageI got to go to a concert last night at my school. I have a friend who is in the Winds Ensemble and she can usually get a few friends in for free. I love going to them. I think this one was my all time favorite. Hands down. I’ve never had so much fun at a concert. There was a gospel choir involved, and they made some hands clapping, body swaying, raise-the-roof music. My hands were red from clapping for half an hour after the concert. 

ImageThe other fun thing I did was find a new yarn store! and get lost in downtown Dallas, but we won’t talk about that..

The Shabby Sheep is an adorable little yarn shop nestled in a tiny quiet pocket of big, scary, loud Dallas (freeways!). I had a hard time finding it at first, but I got there eventually. It’s in this really cute shopping center where each shop is a little house.

ImageThe atmosphere is great at The Shabby Sheep. It’s the friendliest yarn shop I’ve been in for sure. I had my camera with me, and asked shyly if I would be allowed to take pictures (I’ve had shop owners jump all over me for taking picture before.) and they were so nice and gracious about it. They also made an effort to learn my name and find out about the kind of knitting I liked to do. I was a little suprised at how friendly it was. I’m not used to such things. The yarn selection itself is nice too. There are some nice, hand dyed yarn lines that I’d never seen before. They also have the basic workhorse yarns too. I didn’t have much to spend, but I did get a little something. You can’t see it yet though. I think it’s going to be my reward for the month of February. 

Another thing that they did that I really liked was that they sold little mini skeins. Perfect for my Beekeeper’s Quilt! I’d toyed with the idea of buying some mini skeins online, but it never seemed worth paying the shipping. Now I can get them without paying for shipping! I’m going to be buying these like candy. And why not? It’s cheaper than a latte.



If you’re going to be in the Dallas area anytime soon, definitely make time to stop at The Shabby Sheep. It is by far the friendliest, coziest little yarn shop I’ve been in. I can sense that I’ll be visiting a lot in my future.




Who Do You Knit For?


I knit a lot when I’m at school. If I have any free time before class, I’m either knitting or reading or both. At some point, a classmate usually strikes up a conversation about the knitting. It goes a little like this:

Them: Is that knitting or crocheting?

Me: Knitting, Crocheting has only the hook, knitting has multiple needles.

Them: Oh. I never could figure out how to do it.

Me: It’s not too difficult. I look stuff up on youtube when I don’t know how to do it. 

Them: So how long have you been knitting?

Me: A long time. (I’m not very good at conversation, can you tell?)

And then, they always ask the same question. The one dreaded question…

“So do you ever knit for other people?”

I can never tell what this question means. Are they just trying to make conversation? Do they want me to knit something for them? It never ceases to make me feel guilty when asked that question. So do you knit for other people? To be honest, not really.


I knit things for my family when they request something or when I see a need, but other than that, I pretty much knit for myself. Whenever I get asked that question I always wonder: Am I selfish? Do I not knit for other because I’m selfish? Does that make me a bad person? (Ravelry doesn’t help either. Whenever I add a project it asks “Who is this for?” Me, Ravelry. Always me. )

 And yet, is it bad to just knit for myself? Knitting is what I do to relax and get away from everything else. Can’t it just be my thing? I think I’m afraid that if I take on requests from people that knitting with stop being my escape and become another obligation. Because knitting for others is stressful. What if it doesnt fit? What if they don’t like it? What if they don’t wash it right? What if. I don’t want my knitting to become a source of stress when it is supposed to be an outlet. So that’s why; when people ask if I knit for other people, I say no.

Old FO Tuesday! Molly Edition


Today’s old FO is a hat by the name of Molly. It’s big and stretchy and veeery slouchy, but also  comfortable. Though I sometimes struggle with wearing hats because they push all my hair forward into my face. That really bothers me, especially in the winter when the static is CRAZY. My hair gets out of control. I think I’m going to try pinning it back a little bit with the hat. That way, it’ll help the hat stay on as well.


I liked Molly for it’s single cable detail. It was similar to a Jared Flood pattern, except it was free. You know I’m a sucker for free. I didn’t have any problems with it, and it was an easy knit.


But lets talk about the yarn. I do not like this yarn. I’m glad I made a hat with it so I don’t really have to feel it on my skin. It’s scratchy. Not scratchy enough to be rustic, but scratchy enough to make me seriously think about Caron Simply Soft (my yarn ex). It’s Ella Rae, which I got from the Wooly Ewe on sale one of the few times I went. It’s their substitute for Cascade yarns, which I have never tried. I assume they are better quality. I like the color, and I still do, but it’s not worth the yarn. I’ve read the reviews for this yarn on Ravelry too, and many people have said that even though it is labeled as superwash, it has felted. That is probably the worst possible lie to have about a yarn. If you have the gauge or the weight off, that can be forgiven. I can work with that. But promising superwash and not delivering can be devastating. I’m glad I read the comments on this yarn first before I tried washing it.

Yarn aside, I enjoyed this project. I like the pattern. It makes a pretty hat. If I were to make it again I might not make it quite as slouchy, but that’s just personal preference. If you’re looking for a quick, cute, slouchy (free) hat pattern, I would definitely recommend Molly



To the point.

So this post is going to be in bullet form tonight because.

1. I don’t have enough of one thing to make a whole blog post. and

2. I promised Mom I’d go to bed at 11:00 p.m. It is now 10:50.

Ready? Here we go!



  • I tried the first of my sample teas tonight. It was Santa’s Secret (trying not to think that sounds dirty…). It was surprisingly minty, but in a good way. I usually don’t like minty teas, but this was more girl scout cookie minty than Listerine minty. I enjoyed it. I can see how it would make a good Christmastime tea. Image
  • I had it at 8:00 at night, even though it’s not decaf because I seriously could not keep awake today. I maybe stayed up late skyping someone, and then we practiced meditation in my wellness class. With the lights off…and nature music (you know the kind. with the birds tweeting and the water sounds.) Yeah, if I wasn’t tired already…I could hardly keep my eyes open in my next class. I needed caffeine in a bad way. 
  • I am soooo close to finishing the left front of Aidez. Like rows away. So close I can taste it. Not that I’m actually tasting my yarn. That’d be weird…Image
  • My parent’s anniversary is tomorrow. 30 years! Go Mom and Dad! Except they’ve been off doing romantic things all weekend and leaving me all alone… 😦 Though i did get them to take me to Olive Garden for their anniversary. Third Wheeling it like a boss!
  • It’s 11:00! I must go! Goodnight!
    Have a seagull picture.