No, that is not poop.

Nor is it a giant Twix bar. I wish.

That is a rock wall.

and I have conquered it.

Okay maybe not conquered it. But I climbed it! See that green spot all the way up on the left? Next to the metal thing? I was there. I made it in my first try too. I was Very Surprised. 

I climbed the rock wall for an assignment in my Personal Wellness class. We were supposed to do something that challenged us. I chose the rock wall because:

1. I haven’t worked out in a good long while. So it would be physically challenging.

2. I am afraid of heights. So it would be emotionally challenging.

Double whammy. (Do people still say that?)

The rock wall workers were really nice and encouraging. I had only been planning on getting level with the second floor of the building. I figured that was high enough. But once I got there, the girl belaying me yelled up at me “You can do it! You’re so close!” and It didn’t seem nearly as far as it had looked from the ground. So I kept going. I didn’t really feel too freaked out, but I guess I must have been because my legs were shaking something awful. That also might have been the reason my belayer kept shouting encouragements. I slipped a little bit once, and that was scary. I may have involuntarily squeaked. Still, I made it to the top! I made it down alive too. Then I wasn’t scared any more. Just really, really, thirsty. I swear my throat has never been so dry. 

I was really proud that I was able to make it to the top. I’m usually the person who freaks out and starts crying 10 feet up the rock wall, so this was a big accomplishment. I’m really glad I did it. I’m also sore as heck, so maybe I need to go climb more often…