Happy Valentine’s Day


Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope your day was filled with chocolate. and hopefully love and stuff. But mostly chocolate! I actually had fun for once this Valentine’s Day. Yes, I am still single. No, that did not make me bitter about Valentine’s Day. I made my own fun by sneaking around and being a little Valentine fairy. I left chocolate for all my coworkers and snuck by my aunt and uncle’s house late (laaaaaate) last night to put valentine’s and chocolate in their mailbox. I printed out a bunch of Lord of the Rings valentine’s from Tumblr, and they just made me laugh. Course, they only work with the right crowd…

I also got frozen yogurt. That makes any day a whole lot better. I love frozen yogurt…


I’m also making a fair amount of progress on Aidez, though not as much as I’d like. I’m beginning to calculate the days until the end of the month so see if I can finish it in time to meet my goal. I’m going to try for it, but school comes first, and if I have to set it aside to concentrate on classes, I will. The back is the biggest piece, though, so I’m hoping the rest will go quickly.

This afternoon I had a bit of a panic while knitting on it. I went to go count my stitches, and came out with a LOT more than I expected. Like more than I should have cast on in the first place. So I counted again. Same number. Repeat. I was getting seriously freaked out. Then I remembered.

Yarn overs. I had a bunch of yarn overs that I was going to be dropping for the left and right cross stitch cables. I had been counting the yarn overs and stitches, when I shouldn’t. Problem solved. I need more sleep.

And that seems like a good place to sign off. Good Night! Happy Valentine’s Day!