Happy February!



Hope you guys had a nice first day of February. I know I had a fun day. We tried to learn to juggle in one of my classes. The moral of the story: failure is not the worst thing ever. Literally, that’s what the teacher was trying to teach up. I also had a training meeting at work today, which sound super dull but it was actually really fun. It involved things like impromptu elevator races (we won), free chocolate and pizza (hooray!), and hilarious role playing games (to learn good customer service). But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today. Today I wanted to tell you about my goals for the month of February. So you can keep me accountable and such. 

Let us begin.

Goal #1: Blog at least 20 days during the month. I had this same goal last month and it was a success. It will be a bit harder this month, because it’s shorter, so I get fewer days in which to blog the same amount, but I’m just going to have to push through. Goals are supposed to be challenging!

 Goal #2: No more crap yarn! I saw a picture on Miso Crafty Knits that sums it up perfectly.



You all know that I can be a bit…stingy at times. But that does not excuse buying crap yarns. No more 100% acrylic. Except for Knit Picks Brava, because it is a really nice acrylic. But like, Caron Simply Soft, no more of you. Vanna’s Choice, you’re gone too. I will use the yarn in my stash, but  my goal this month is to not buy any more. I’m happier with my finished products when I invest in yarn, so I need to start investing.

Goal #3: Knit Aidez. I really want to knit this in February, because February is kind of the last really truly cold month of winter in Texas. I don’t want to make the sweater and not be able to wear it because it’s 80 degrees (curse you Texas weather!).

Goal #4: Try food from a food truck. This is a totally frivolous goal, but it’s something that I wouldn’t normally do. There’s always at least two or three on campus, and it would be a new experiences. I need more new experiences in my life.

So those are my goal. For now. I always have a running list in my head. There are other, all the time goals too, like get good grades in all my classes, and never pay full price for clothing, but those are almost second nature to me now. They’re not necessarily one and done goals, but also not huge challenges for me either. Though the school one gets more challenging every year… And with that I’m off to read about the Middle Ages…