Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a good week. Mine has been very busy, but then, what else is new?

I’ve been working some more on my Mohair Bias Loop, and it still find it utterly fascinating. The combination of the sheen of the silk and the fuzz (I believe the technical term is called “halo”) of the mohair makes the most interesting fabric. It’s so light and airy and soft too. I’m completely intrigued by it.

Other people seem to be too. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on this project. I told you about my wellness teacher, but since then I’ve had more experiences. A grad student who is observing/occasionally teaching in my Women in American History class was so sweet. She saw me working on it and sighed “oh…I just want to touch it.” So it seems that mohair has this affect on many people. She was very interesting to know the fiber as well, though not in those words. When I talk about knitting status fiber people get confused. They usually frown and say “like cereal?” (In my family we call that kind of fiber “nature’s little brooms, which is probably more than you needed to know about my family…)

So I got to explain my fiber again, except this time I knew what it was. So yay for that.

Speaking of yay, there has been much celebration in my family in the last few days. My dad was offered an architectural job! He was an architect before he lost his job in the Summer of 2009 when any new housing development pretty much shut down in California (dang recession), which is why we ended up moving to Texas. So we’ve only been waiting for this for, like, four years, so we are Very Excited. We’ve definitely learned and grown a lot in those four years, but it’ll be nice to have somewhat of a return to normalcy (or at least constancy) in our lives.

And with that, I shall leave you, because it’s almost midnight. eek!

Old FO Tuesday!


Guys, I’m running low on old FO’s. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out. I went through my FO baskets this weekend (yes, there’s a basket.) and folded them all nice and pretty but I also noticed that there aren’t so many left that you haven’t seen. Eek!

I still have a few left though, so I’ll carry on. 

The hat du jour for this Tuesday is Rosalie. The original hat pattern was designed to imitate a hat worn by a character in Twilight. yeah….We’re just going to forget about that part. No Twilight here. No thank you.

I just liked the pattern. I don’t remember the yarn exactly, but I’m pretty sure it’s alpaca. This had was an easy knit, and I enjoyed the design the decreases made. Which of course I didn’t get a picture of. I’m on my game this week, let me tell you…



This hat is also super soft. I like the softness. I need to start wearing this hat more…

Sorry this post is a little distracted tonight. My brother and I have been having deep discussions about feminism. 



Sometimes non-knitters (muggles, if you use that term) have funny reactions to my knitting things. They’re usually just curious, but sometimes they get curious in the funniest ways.

Today, for instance, I was sitting in my Personal Wellness class before it started, like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was knitting, as usual. This time I was working on my mohair bias loop, and my little Krispy Kreme donut of Aloft yarn was sitting on my desk. Then all of the sudden, my professor walks by my desk and pets my yarn.

Like he gave it a little squeeze, like we was petting a kitten or something! Then he went” Oh it IS soft.” He said it looked like a little animal all curled up on my desk.

I told him it was called mohair and he laughed. Only then did I realize that mohair is one of those words that sounds fine when you read it in your head but really funny out loud. Reading it is fine, but the moment I heard it out loud I thought of The Three Stooges.



Then I tried to explain mohair to my professor. That went well. I couldn’t remember whether it came from a goat or a rabbit…I was pretty sure goat, because Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a popular mohair yarn and it had KID in the name, as in baby goat…(this is how my mind works!) So I was pretty sure it was from a goat, but I kept thinking rabbit for some reason.

Then I googed. It’s from an Angora Goat. So that’s why I was thinking rabbit. My world makes sense again.

And so the moral of the story is: If you’re going to knit in pubic, be prepared to do some ‘splainin’.


Winter’s Last Stand and Mohair


I think Winter is making it’s final effort here this weekend, because it was freezing today. Not that I minded. I’m a knitter! I love the cold! Then I can wrap up in cozy things and drink tea and read in front of the fire. It takes a bit of the sting out of reading a whole book for my History of Soviet Russia class in one day. Image

I am so not kidding.

This. Whole. Book.

Now I’m no book-in-a-day novice, but usually I reserve it for things like John Green or Harry Potter books, not non-fiction on stalinism. This book was actually pretty good though. It’s called Behind the Urals, and its from the point of view of an American who went to work in the USSR in the 1930’s. It was an interesting point of view. He has a great respect for the soviet people. The narrative style made it a lot more engaging as well. But seriously, this is what is did all day. 



I also got a bit of knitting done of my Mohair Bias Loop. I’m using Knit Picks Aloft and I can see why they chose that name. It practically floats! It completely mystifies my dad.

“It’s like thread!”

“Are you making fishnets?”

“How is that even going to keep you warm?”

No Daddy, contrary to popular belief, my knitting knows bounds. I don’t think I’d ever knit fishnets. I actually quite like knitting with Aloft. It’s so light and soft. It’s going to be like wearing a cloud. Now I’m keeping my eyes open for other projects that use mohair, because I think I’m a fan!

It’s like the Krispy Kreme donut of yarn…


What I’m Into This Week

It’s been a very busy week and my knitting has almost been nonexistent, so I’m going to post about other stuff tonight. I’m gonna talk about the stiff that has been catching my attention this week (when I’m not worrying about schoolwork).

Image from Ravelry- Mohair Bias Loop Pattern by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas
  • Churchmouse Yarns. I’ve been loving their designs this week. I sadly came to the decision that my green yarn was not working very well with their Honeycomb Mesh Scarf, but that doesn’t diminish my love for their design. I love their simple style and clean lines. Just tonight I cast on for their Mohair Bias Loop, which is a design that I’ve been eyeing for a while. I’ve never knit with mohair before, so this should be interesting!
  • Lizzie Bennet Diaries Mug from

    Lizzie. Bennet. Diaries. Hoooooly crap. This week’s episodes… *sigh*… So good. I’m sad that it’s going to be ending soon, because man, it’s amazing. I actually got a coworker into it, so now I can talk about it with someone! There’s a kickstarter fund going to get them made into dvds, which I think I might have to contribute to. Also, I want like half of their merchandise. Especially this mug. Jane Bennet had some of the best lines in this adaptation.

  • Fernando Ortega. I’ve always been a big fan of Fernando Ortega’s music, but this week I’ve been really into it. It might be because my parents just bought his new CD. Plus, it’s just so relaxing. I appreciate his ability to create praise music that does not require trumpets or massive crescendos. Sometimes quiet simplicity makes more of an impact.
  • Rise of the Guardians

  My dad and I have a habit of watching kids movies more than any other type of movies. Two weeks ago it was Happy Feet (apparently the sequel was better, according to my dad: authority on all penguin movies.). Last weekend we watched Rise of the Guardians. Then we watched it again. It was pretty cute. I had a few issues with it(1. Jack’s voice is really deep for such a skinny kid and 2. the last line of the movie was lame 3. from the perspective of a Christian, it’s kinda hard to accept Easter being “ruined” as a major plot development.), but overall I enjoyed it. I enjoyed all of the characters and feel like any one of them could have a movie focusing just on their back story. I have a hard time picking a favorite.  One review described it as sort of an animated “Avengers” for kids, and that’s fairly accurate. I actually really liked this movie. It was visually impressive, the characters were great, the story had a few holes but was good overall. I really want to read the books that inspired the movie now.

I think that’s all I’ve got for this week. April is going to be a rough month and I’m just gearing up for it. I have so many response papers that I have to do and keep up with my regular classwork on top of that. It’s stressing my out in a major way. But I’m also really excited for the Fiber Fest which is coming up. I’ve been saving my money for it. I want to buy some color!

How have your weeks been? Have you had any obsessions lately?

Old FO Tuesday-Felicity


This FO comes from a long way back. The pictures also come from a long way back, because I had a total brain fart and forgot to take pictures this weekend. They’re from April 2011! I look kinda different…It’s a good thing I was a camera whore back then because it gave me a large selection of pictures to choose from. Most of them involved me making weird faces. I have matured since them. (Totally.)

I roll my eyes in your general direction.

Anyways, the pattern is Felicity. It’s a nice slouchy beanie, and one of the most comfortable hats I own. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft (again! but remember, it’s from way back!) and I think Bernat Solids. Both are dark blue, and I striped every row. I didn’t have enough of either yarn to make a full hat, but together I could do it. They were so similar in color that you can hardly tell. It was a Make It Work moment.



I actually like the subtle stripe it has because of the two yarns. I think it looks cool. It pulls a little where they switch off, but it just enhances the slouch factor, so it’s almost a plus. The edge rolls about as much as you want it too. I don’t like it rolled very much but if you want more roll or none at all it will do that too. It’s flexible like that.  I’ve always wanted to knit more of these hat, but I’ve never gotten around to it. It’d be a great pattern for some hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn. Maybe in the Summer when I have more time…Right now I barely have time to knit, let alone make my own yarn!

It’s a Miracle!

Remember how I had midterms last week? Remember how they sucked? Remember how I was kinda bummed out because I didn’t do well on my Medieval Art History Midterm?

So do I. Which is why I’m surprised right now.

I just got an email from my professor asking if she could use some of my test responses as examples on Blackboard (for those of you not familiar with  Blackboard its like the course website) as examples of good responses! What?!

I thought I did really poorly on that test. I get sad whenever I think about it. And not it’s exemplary?? Of course, I said yes. The responses would be anonymous, so there was no reason why not. I mentioned when I replied that I was surprised because I thought I had done poorly (I really hope she doesn’t think I’m sucking up and pretending I thought I did bad to look better. Ya’ll know I thought I did crappy.) and she responded and said I got the second highest grade in the class!

What is this miracle?!

My father, who was an Art major, has been laughing for a good hour. I’m skill kind of waiting for her to email me and go, “Crap! Wrong student! You did terrible.” I don’t know what I did or if this is a case of divine intervention or what, but I somehow did really well on that midterm. Hallelujah!



In other news, I’ve finally decided on a pattern for my bright green yarn. It’s the Honeycomb Mesh Scarf from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas because gosh darn it, their patterns are just so pretty! It also helps that this one is free. I’m really liking it so far. I’m always amazed a slip stitch patterns and how flat they lay (lie? lay?). I’m hoping that the color variations in my yarn don’t look like stains. I’m afraid they might, but I can’t tell yet. I’m really tempted to order some of the yarn that the pattern is written for. They have the loveliest colors. Ooh..I shouldn’t have looked at them again…I’m being tempted.