Thrift Haul

I probably go thrifting about once a week. Sometimes two. Preferably on Wednesdays, when all the clothes are 50% at my Salvation Army, but I’m not picky. This week I ended up going on Friday, since Wednesday was Independence Day.

Want to see what I got? Just say yes.

The first thing I got was this skirt. I had actually seen this skirt at Salvation Army on Tuesday, but

1. It was the wrong tag color(meaning it was not 50% off)

and 2. I couldn’t think of what I had that would match. My brain got as far as “uuuuh…white?” So I put it back.

Of course, once I got home, I realized all the other clothes I had that could go with this skirt. Then I regretted not buying it. So when I saw it again, I snatched it up! It was $3.99 but on Fridays you can get 15% off on non sale items by showing a college ID, so I saved 60 more cents.  I like it. It reminds me of honeycomb.


The other thing I got was this shirt. I just really liked the color. I had visions of me wearing it in the winter with a long grey cowl. Of course I don’t have a cowl like that….I’d have to make one. Just let me dream, okay!

Anyways, this top was $2.99 but it was 50% off, so it came out to be $1.50.

With tax and everything my total ended up being $5.28. Not bad for a skirt and a top. I’ve seen fast food meals that cost more.