Old FO Tuesday


I have decided to make Tuesdays into Old FO days on the blog. This is because:

1. I want to bring my Ravelry page up to speed with all the projects I’ve finished. 


2. Blog fodder can be hard to come by during the school year. I’m away from home almost twelve hours a day, so it’s difficult to take pictures (unless i take my camera to school. which is…heavy.) and my production knitwise gets a lot slower. But I have piles of projects that I’ve never put on my blog or my ravelry page. So I can still share those. It’s totally fair game.

So yay Old FO Tuesdays! I’m gonna have to figure out a cutesy name for that…



The old FO of today is the Stockholm Scarf…Which is actually a cowl. Mine is made out of 2 skeins of Berroco Vintage. The yarn was given to me as a gift. It’s a good sturdy yarn, and I love the color, though it’s not the softest in the world. I think it’ll soften up with more washing and wearing though.

The pattern itself is pretty simple, just repeats of an easy lave pattern. It’s actually really cool how it’s totally reversible. The reversibility is fortunate, as I managed to knit this cowl with not one twist, but two (the pattern doesn’t call for a twist. I’m just cool that way.). I would have thought that two twists would equal no twist, but apparently not. It’s not really noticeable when you wear it looped, though I feel like it does make it bulkier, and it’s already pretty bulky. The cowl is meant to be super big, so if you knit this, be prepared. I kept thinking that surely it was wide enough, that I should stop soon because I was getting close to the end, but nope. This thing is wiiiide. Fortunately, it still manages to be a quick knit. It’s a lovely pattern and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a big, fat, cozy cowl.

An Authentic Driving Experience

ImageToday was an eventful day. Unfortunately, that means that I didn’t get much knitting done. Only a couple of puffs to add to the collection. The count is at 15 now. I had to set puffing aside for a day and a half as worked on finishing my Stripe Study. I also had to set them aside when I knit the same puff incorrectly TWICE! It’s like, 2 inches big. How do you mess up twice? It took it as a sign that it was time for bed.

Right. So back to today. What made today so eventful was that today was my first Downtown Dallas Driving Experience. All by myself!


It. was. terrifying.


For some reason, downtown Dallas is filled with one way streets. Scary as heck one way streets. Guess who missed her turn on one of those streets? That’s right, this girl. Let’s just say it was an adventure. I spent a lot of time praying that I would not die on a one way street in downtown Dallas. I may have done an illegal u-turn before realizing it was a u-turn (that one I did on a two way street, don’t worry.). I may have gone exceedingly below the speed limit. Probably pissed off a ton of businessmen that had Important Things to do. But I got there eventually! I made it home again too! Hallalujah!

It’s the little things, like not dying, that we must appreciate.

Stripe Study

It’s done! It’s finished! *trumpets sound*

Yes, folks, I have done it. After much anticipation and some shaky knitting on the freeway (I wasn’t driving, but remind me to tell you a story about that sometime…) I finally finished my Stripe Study!


I love it. It is, like, the comfiest thing ever. I’ve been wearing it all day. It did a great job keeping me warm at church and at Target (Land of Wonders), both notoriously chilly places.


I only did eleven stripes instead of the twelve that the pattern called for. I would have had enough yarn to do all twelve stripes, but I kind of wanted some of the yarn for my Beekeeper’s Quilt. Shh, Don’t tell the Stripe Study. It might get jealous. It’s plenty big with eleven stripes anyways. I think twelve stripes might have made it too big, because it’s the perfect size right now.Image

I used Knit Picks Stroll in Mustard for the yellow. It’s discontinued now. I bought it on clearance when it was going out. I had envisioned a pair of cabled socks, but then I remembered that I don’t wear my sock that I knit, so it sat on the shelf…and waited…for a whole year. And well, you know how the story ends. The gray yarn was Deborah Norville Serenity Sock Yarn. I found it to be pretty splitty. It was softer than the Stroll, though I doubt it will be as sturdy. I don’t know that I’d work with it again. Stroll is cheap enough and I’ve always had good experiences with it.Image

As for the pattern, it was wonderfully done. It was clear and concise and super simple. I think this would be a great project for a new knitter who wants to try out a few new techniques. I would definitely knit this again. I’m already thinking of other color combinations. I’m thinking gray and white…navy and cream….brown and tan…




A Good Day for Mail

Today was a good day for mail. Not only did I get the textbook I’ve been needing all week(plus a few others), I got my yarn from Knit Picks!Image

This yarn is essentially my Christmas present from my Grandma.  Really she just gave me money and told me to get what I wanted, and I wanted yarn. But that means that technically this yarn is her gift to me. Good choice, Grandma! Just what I wanted.



Look at it all. So pretty….I tried to take pictures as I unwrapped it so I could share the joy with you, but apparently unwrapping a box of yarn is frowned upon while Dad is watching The Mentalist. Too much crinkly plastic. But I can show you what I got.

ImageFirst, I got some Cotlin in the color Linen. I’ve never tried it before. I thought it might be a good thing for me, since Texas is brutal in the summer, but I don’t want to stop wearing my knits. So I was hoping I could make a little summery top with it. I’m thinking maybe Gemini by Jane Richmond or the Spring Garden Tee by Alana Dakos.Image

Next out of the box we’ve got Brava Bulky in Dove Heather. No ifs, ands or buts about this, this yarn is going to be an Aidez cardigan. I’ve been loving this pattern since I first laid eyes on it, and since I was so happy with the Brava Worsted I made my Miette in, I decided to get more to make Aidez. It makes for a very thrifty sweater (and we all know how I love thrift.) I don’t think I’ll be able to resist casting on for this. It will happen very soon!



The last yarn that I got was some Simply Cotton is Brass Heather. It was being discontinued, so it was super cheap. But really I bought it for the color. Just look at that color! It’s yellow without being school bus and those hints of orange and green just make it so pretty. I feel like I’ve been looking for this color all my life. I have no idea what I’m going to make with it, but I got enough for a sweater. I just haven’t found the pattern the fits with what I have in mind. Maybe I’ll improvise a bit.


I am so close to finishing my Stripe Study. Just another inch left on the border. Hopefully, *fingers crossed* I’ll be able to finish it tomorrow and get it blocked. Then maybe I can play with my new yarn! Wheee..mail is so fun!


She Likes to Dye Yarn With It



I wanted to show you the final results of the dye job that I had done over the weekend. The last time we left off, I was going to buy more Kool-aid and dye some of the light spots. There as still a few light spots (gah! How?!?), but at this point we’re just going to call it a design feature.



I do have a funny story about getting the Kool-Aid to finish dying the yarn on Sunday. We live super close to Target, which is my personal happy place. As my mother and I were strolling through Target, arm in arm, she said, “I wonder if we’ll see anyone we know today.” This often happens at Target: Land of Wonders. I actually kind of love seeing people we know out in public because when we first moved to Texas it felt so lonely, like we’d never run into any friends ever again. But now we do! So it always makes me happy. 

You can probably tell where this story is going. Of course we saw someone we knew. Well, someone that mom knew. It was a friend of hers from weight watchers. We chatted for a few minutes, and she asked what we were at Target for. 

“Kool-aid.” Mom said. “Tori likes to dye yarn with it.”

And the lady just looked at me and said, “Of course.” I still can’t figure out if she was being sarcastic, of if she was recognized me as a fellow Kool-aid dyer. The look could have either meant “okay, freak” or “she’s one of us!”. I honestly can’t tell though. I hope it’s the latter.

Anyone else get weird responses to their crafting endeavors?

Hexipuff count: 10! (Yes, I stayed up late finishing a puff so I could put 10. I like even numbers, okay)

Second Day of School


Hello friends!

Just popping in with a quick post for tonight. Already the semester is in full swing. “All of sudden,” as my old french professor would say. I’m haven’t quite gotten into the swing of things yet, as I’m still waiting on textbooks to arrive and then playing catch up. Grrr…

Even if I didn’t have that, I’d have my hands full. Today, my History of Soviet Russia teacher assigned us a book(on the first day of class) and listed no page numbers. He simply said, “read as much as you can.’ Unfortunately, as much as I can is quite a bit of reading. So I’ve been learning about Putin for the last few hours. At least it’s interesting. Thank goodness I can knit and read at the same time. I made a bit of progress on the stripe study, and made two more hexipuffs. I was thinking of setting a goal of two puffs per day, but after today, I might scale it back to one. Don’t need to make my knitting stressful as well…

I should have time for a longer post tomorrow. I want to show you how the recycled cashmere dye job turned out.


It seems I had more yarn for the hexipuff than I thought. Last night I rummaged through the deep dark corners of my stash and found a few things I forgot about.


The first was a wee little bit of Malabrigo Sock, which I used to make the hexipuff above. This yarn has been my favorite yarn to knit with to date. The colors never cease to amaze me. It looks like oil on water, or the rainbow of colors you see in glossy black feathers in the right light. Completely amazing. The sad part is that I only had enough of that yarn to make one hexipuff. But I think it will be my favorite hexipuff. forever. hands down.




I also found the leftovers from a sock blank that I had forgotten about. This sock blank had been given to me by a much more experienced knitter than I was at the time. The was the woman who introduced me to Ravelry! Needless to say, my life hasn’t been the same since.January 2013 325

I just knit up a puff with it, and I was surprised to find that the puff has perfect little stripes! It’s adorable.

January 2013 332I found other yarns too, but they weren’t nearly as pretty. But I feel like I’m more on my way than I was. I think sometime I’d like to try buying a bag of mini skeins, just to throw a little variety in there. Maybe once I run out of the yarn I have.

Progress also continues on the Stripe Study Shawl. I am on the main color border. So close to the end…and yet so far…The rows are starting to feel reaaaaally long. I suppose they are reaaaaaally long. I haven’t counted how many stitches in a while…I’m almost afraid to.