I finished the first sleeve today. One down.  One to go.

It’s funny, I’ve been getting a lot more reactions to these sleeves than usual. I’m not sure why, but people seem particularly baffled by them. 

My grandparents asked what I was knitting and I said “A sleeve.” and they asked me if they were going to be attached to anything.

…Yeah…Isn’t that how sleeves normally work?

Then this afternoon I was knitting in the student lounge of the library (the vending machine room basically) and a girl came in and bought a soda. As she walked out, she saw me and did a sort of double take. 

“Let me guess…Knee socks?”

I thought that guess was pretty good, but I explained that it was a sleeve and put my arm in to show her. and she went “Oh. It’s beautiful.” I thanked her and I thought…sleeves can be beautiful? That’s a funny thing to think…but darn right they can! So that was a nice experience. It’s fun to run into people like that.

Hopefully (hope, hope, hope) I’ll be able to get some work done on the second sleeve tomorrow. I’m almost finished with the ribbing, but I’ll need to do a lot more than that to make my deadline. School is reaching crunch time too, so I don’t know how much I can get done between classes. I’ve been running all over campus trying to meet with counselors and apply for things and it’s time consuming. Also stressful. Which is why I’m going to go to bed now. Because stress is tiring.