This Week in Toriland: Part 1

Happy Halloween week! It’s finally starting to feel like Fall around here. Things are getting colder and I’m feeling the need for change with the season. Here are some things that I’ve been loving this week. :

Missed in history

  1. Stuff You Missed In History Class : My commute has been getting more and more frustrating, so I’ve been listening to this podcast to distract myself and it’s worked! It makes me so happy to insert a little bit of history learning back into my life and they’re always interesting and easy to listen to, even while driving on the freeway in the rain. Lately they’ve been covering a lot of spooky topics including unsolved murders and some history of werewolves, but there’s plenty of past episodes for whatever you’re into. Also, I wish I had their jobs..

tj-spicy-chai2. Trader Joe’s Chai Tea Mix : I have been addicted to this stuff recently. I keep a canister at work and sip it in the mornings when the office is cold.

3. Two Minute Rule: The idea is simple. If you can do it in two minute or less, do it now! I’ve been trying to mature when it comes to my tidyness, so this has been helpful for me. It doesn’t work in every situation, but it’s a good reality check, especially when you have the tendency to accumulate clutter. Speaking of clutter…

4. Capsule Wardrobes: I’ve been really taken with the idea of a capsule wardrobe lately. It’s the idea of chosing only a few pieces of your wardrobe, and only wearing those for a set amount of time. I have a lot of clothes. Like a lot, a lot. But the same few outfits keep going through the wash. I’ve been seriously considering trying out a capsule wardrobe for the month of November and choosing maybe 30 items and only wearing those all month. I may need cheat days. I’ll keep you posted.

5. Sarah Jarosz: I found a CD of hers at Half Price Books just as my car listening was needing a shake-up and I’ve been loving the slow, soulful bluegrass, especially as the weather is getting colder. Here are two of my favorites. They’re just so spooky and cool and I love that she tells stories in her songs.