On Strangers and the Purchasing of Yarn

For reasons of unknown origins, I have been having some random intermittent health problems. These health problems, while not debilitating, can be particularly frustrating at times, and in general, fall into the “ain’t nobody got time for that” category of life. To add to the “ain’t nobody got time for that” issue, I’ve been needing to go to the doctor a lot more than usual. As such, this brings me to Plano, and within 5 minutes of the Woolie Ewe.

Normally, I don’t find myself in that part of town, but now I can’t help stopping by when I pass it. Ya’ll know how hard it is for a knitter to pass a yarn store, like a real yarn store. Then you know how I feel. Plus it gives me something pleasant to look forward to after an unpleasant experience (blood work. bah! [Though actually not that bad. The lady was good.]).

When I go to the Woolie Ewe, or any yarn shop really, I usually go as a window shopper, because I’m a college student and not rolling in the dough. This was the case in my most recent visit (much sighing and wistful fingering of yarn was involved). After leaving the Woolie Ewe, I hopped over to Tuesday Morning, which is like the weird but slightly more respectable cousin of Big Lots, because they often have yarn there. While at Tuesday Morning (who strategically located the yarn prominently near the interest. Do they know their target audience or what?), I ran into another knitter.

Did I know this lady? No. But she was a knitter, there’s like a secret bond or something.

We poked around in the yarn section together for a bit and chatted. I confessed that I probably shouldn’t be buying anything, as I had just ordered some yarn online but hadn’t received it. She admitted that she probably shouldn’t be buying yarn either. Its another one of those secret knitter bonds. After sighing and deciding that despite not needing more yarn, I really shouldn’t buy more yarn, the lady kindly suggested, “Hey, maybe the yarn you ordered will be there when you get home.” And you know what?

She was so right!

Tosh DK in Saffron

2 thoughts on “On Strangers and the Purchasing of Yarn

    1. Thanks! I’m doing better. I think it might have been anxiety related. New semester; new stress. But I’m doing alright now (especially now that I have pretty yarn to pet..) 🙂

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