Quandary in A Thing for String DK: Heart of Darkness. Click picture for pattern link!

The school year has started, so of course I feel like doing nothing else but the mountains of assigned reading before me. Well, actually, some of them aren’t that bad. Some of them I get too into, and totally nerd out about them in class.

Yeah. I’m that kid.

I have actually noticed, though, that knitting helps me keep my focus while doing my reading. Having just that little something to keep my hands and mind busy keeps me on task. Now you’re thinking, shouldn’t your reading keep your mind busy? Technically, yes. But you know that part of your mind? That part that gets disctracted? That part that says, “I’ll just open that file I need to–ooh pinterest!” That’s the part of my brain that knitting keeps busy.

Side Note: Pinterest, man. It’s becoming a problem. It’s like I can’t get off of Pinterest. I even have it on my phone. It’s everywhere. But hey, I have a knitting board so it’s all good.

But back to the point, I find that when I pair knitting with reading or studying, it can make it easier for me to motivate myself to do the task. (This may or may not be because I cannot scroll down Pinterest and knit at the same time.) Adding knitting to the mix can make assigned reading downright enjoyable.

Do any of you experience the focusing effect of knitting? How do you use knitting to motivate you?

P.S. In case you’re wondering, this is the pattern I’m current;y working on:

Campus Jacket by Amy Christoffers

You know, because I’m going back to campus and such. Also because it looks like the coziest thing since flannel. I’ll take some progress pictures for you soon!