T-Shirt DIY

I have a confession to make. I think I am addicted to Pinterest. I think Pinterest may be my new Tumblr. This may only slightly by due to the fact that tumblr makes my computer lag like nothing else (it’s getting elderly, my computer). Or perhaps I enjoy that aspect of Pinterest that says ” I made this, and so can you!” While I don’t yet feel compelled to make my own laundry detergent or decorate my entire house with wine bottle corks, I have been inspired to try a few non-knitting craft projects.So here is one of my very own Pinterest diy’s.

The Pin: T-Shirt to Draped Vest

The Original Site

My Version:


The tutorial is fairly easy. All you need is a big men’s t-shirt and some scissors. I used an extra large (If it had been large my dad would have adopted it.)green shirt that I got for a dollar at Salvation Army. It had a pocket on the front, but I ripped it off.

The steps are simple.

Lay out shirt.

May 2013 173

Remove cat from shirt. (I swear it took approximately 3 seconds after laying the shirt down before the cat was on it. Always has to be the center of attention, geez…)


Snip the sleeves off..


And now the collar…You might want to start small with this and increase it later. Essentially this is going to be the hole where your arms go, but it will stretch out a bit with time, so don’t cut it too loose.


This is how it will look opened up.


Last step: Trim and wear!





The camera whoring is optional, but really at this point, why not? This vest is super easy to make and easy to wear. Plus is get to look super accomplished when I said that I made it.

Now excuse me, I think I have some more projects I need to pin on Pinterest.


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