I have survived the week! Due to circumstances like ALL THE LIVING PRESIDENTS being on campus this week, I have been forced to partake in public transportation. I got to ride the train to school. And when I say “got to” I mean “had to” because I was not allowed to park anywhere remotely near campus. *gripe gripe..* Complaining aside, I kind of enjoyed taking the train. I didn’t have to worry about other cars on the road because I wasn’t on the road..technically. So that was nice. And I could knit. Except not when the train is going backwards. That means major motion sickness (hey, you learn something new every day). Still, it wasn’t a scary stressful experience like I was expecting.

My knitting progress has been moving at a snails pace lately. I don’t have much to show you, so I won’t. What I will show you are some of the beautiful flowers on campus. The ones by the chapel were particularly pretty. I was really happy with how the pictures of them came out too. I think I’m getting better at manipulating my camera.








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