Handmade With Love


Why hello.

It’s been a while.

It’s been two weeks and I think I’ve finally conquered this cold. So not fun.  The semester is also hurtling to a close. This is going to be an interesting week, as I’ve got a lot of work to finish and my powers of concentration are just about shot. This is also, funnily enough, why I am sitting here blogging instead of doing the reading that I have to do. I am a case.

I just wanted to share these adorable tags I got in the mail. I came home from school all sniffly and sick one day and found a package for me. But here’s the thing; it was from one on my mom’s best friends. So I was confused. I opened the package and inside were these little tags for my knits. They say “handmade with love” on them.

ImageAren’t they just the cutest things?

Agree with me. They’re the cutest things.

It turns out, she had made these for me a long time ago, and meant to give them to me when she came to Texas to visit my mom, (She lives in California.) but she forgot to bring them. So she just now sent them to me. I think they’re adorable. Course, I can’t use them until I actually knit something for someone, but my uncle’s birthday is coming and up and I just found out that my old youth pastor and his wife (the two people beside my parents who probably had the biggest impact on my faith) are pregnant! For the first time! Can you say, baby knits?? Ah! I’m so excited. I already know I want to make a little bear sweater and every baby needs an Elijah and hallelujah both those things are gender neutral so I don’t even have to worry about that! So it looks like this selfish knitter will have plenty of uses for these “handmade with love” tags.

(The tags are also handmade..with love…Craftception!)



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