She liiiives!

Hey guys.

I’m back.

From outer space! ♫ ♪

Just kidding.

But, I really am back. Sorry for disappearing for a week there. Right after Fiber Fest I came down with the nastiest cold. Like I had all the seven dwarves of sickness. Sneezy, Sniffly, Stuffy, Achey, Drippy, Sleepy and maybe even a little bit Queasy (also Sore-Throat-ey. But that doesn’t make a good dwarf name.) It took a toll of my energy levels in the big way, and was just generally unpleasant. I’m still not entirely over it, but I’m getting better.

How can you tell I’m sick? Mugs! Tea mugs everywhere!

Obviously, I’m not planning on keeping to my regular blogging goal of 20 days this month. Between getting sick and the enormous amount of homework that I have to do, I think It’s just better if I cut myself some slack this month. I have so many assignments due at the end of the month that it’s terrifying. It’s like that kind of stress where there’s so much to do that you get overwhelmed and decide to take a nap instead of working on it. Then you wake up consume with guilt. Except I don’t nap…. sooooo Tumblr instead!

I think my goals for April are going to mostly consist of:

1. Not dying. and 

2. Not breaking down and crying in public.

We’ll see how it goes. I’ll keep you posted, but bear with me if my posts have the air of a slightly crazed woman until the end of the semester (which is only like 3 weeks away!! AAAH!)


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