Fiber Fest

I hope ya’ll are ready for some yarn porn, ’cause it was Fiber Fest today!


And oh was there fiber. I wish I had longer to look around the vendor hall, but between church and getting dinner in the crock pot (and getting directions mixed up), we only had about 2 hours to look around. 

The convention hall was a lot smaller than I expected. I think I’m used to Market Hall, where they hold the Dallas Quilt Show, because this convention center was tiny in comparison. Still, it had more yarn than I’d seen in one place, so that was lovely.

I had been saving up my money all last month so I could really splurge today. Boy, did I splurge! Well, at least by my standards. Would you like to see what I got?

Of course you would.

Here we go!



My first purchase was some Sweet Georgia Yarn from the Madtosh booth (which smelled distinctly of vinegar.). I’d never met and Sweet Georgia in the flesh, but have always been curious about it, so I snapped this skein up pretty quickly. The actual color is nothing like the picture. I am convinced that the true color will never show in a photo. It’s just too much for the camera. The yarn is this impossibly vivid, saturated, bright Caribbean blue. It’s absolutely fabulous. I was trying to buy more bright yarn and this fit the bill perfectly!


My next yarn was this bright pink stuff. I’ve been looking for a color like this for at least a month.It is Aspen Sock by Western Sky Knits in the color dianthe. My mom was like, “are you sure that’s the color you want?” Yes. That’s the color I want. It’s very fun. It’ll match the tulips at the Arboretum next Spring.


Next was this beautiful worsted (excuse me, DK. I can never tell the difference.) by A Thing for String in the colorway Heart of Darkness. Yeah…you know I’m going to change that name. It is way to pretty to be connected with that dismal book. I was torn between this one and a purple one of the same yarn, so I asked my mom. She said they both looked good with my skin, but that the purple one was more “me”. So she told me to get this color! That’s my mommy! Challenging me with my yarn purchases.


I did branch away from yarn a little bit and bought some silk hankies. I’ve never worked with them before and I’m curious about them. I’ve always loved the vibrant color of silk, and I think I’m going to work with these straight from the hankie (hanky?) rather than spinning it, just to see what the texture is like. I loved the color, too. I had a hard time picking one color so I went with blue…like the TARDIS.


We’re winding down on my purchases now. Whew! Can you feel the spending? I totally can. These needles are the new square kind and I bought them because:

1. I needed size 6’s

2. The salesgirl was nice. 


3. I wanted to try something new.

I haven’t knit with them yet, but I’ll give a full review later!


All right! Last item. I bought some “vegan lip balm” from one of the booths because I can always use more lip balm. Always. Plus is was affordable and they had a honey flavor. Honey lip balms are my favorite. I don’t know why but they just do something for me.  I’ve been using it tonight and so far it seems like a good lip balm. We’ll see how it holds up the rest of the week. 

So there you have it! All my major splurging from today. I’m trying to not feel guilty about spending so much. Now I’m really eager to finish the project on my needles so i can start on some with my new yarns and needles! Looks like I’ll be spending some times on Ravelry trying to find the perfect pattern for each…







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