Hello everyone! I hope you’re having a good week. Mine has been very busy, but then, what else is new?

I’ve been working some more on my Mohair Bias Loop, and it still find it utterly fascinating. The combination of the sheen of the silk and the fuzz (I believe the technical term is called “halo”) of the mohair makes the most interesting fabric. It’s so light and airy and soft too. I’m completely intrigued by it.

Other people seem to be too. I’ve gotten a lot of comments on this project. I told you about my wellness teacher, but since then I’ve had more experiences. A grad student who is observing/occasionally teaching in my Women in American History class was so sweet. She saw me working on it and sighed “oh…I just want to touch it.” So it seems that mohair has this affect on many people. She was very interesting to know the fiber as well, though not in those words. When I talk about knitting status fiber people get confused. They usually frown and say “like cereal?” (In my family we call that kind of fiber “nature’s little brooms, which is probably more than you needed to know about my family…)

So I got to explain my fiber again, except this time I knew what it was. So yay for that.

Speaking of yay, there has been much celebration in my family in the last few days. My dad was offered an architectural job! He was an architect before he lost his job in the Summer of 2009 when any new housing development pretty much shut down in California (dang recession), which is why we ended up moving to Texas. So we’ve only been waiting for this for, like, four years, so we are Very Excited. We’ve definitely learned and grown a lot in those four years, but it’ll be nice to have somewhat of a return to normalcy (or at least constancy) in our lives.

And with that, I shall leave you, because it’s almost midnight. eek!


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