Old FO Tuesday!


Guys, I’m running low on old FO’s. I don’t know what I’m going to do when I run out. I went through my FO baskets this weekend (yes, there’s a basket.) and folded them all nice and pretty but I also noticed that there aren’t so many left that you haven’t seen. Eek!

I still have a few left though, so I’ll carry on. 

The hat du jour for this Tuesday is Rosalie. The original hat pattern was designed to imitate a hat worn by a character in Twilight. yeah….We’re just going to forget about that part. No Twilight here. No thank you.

I just liked the pattern. I don’t remember the yarn exactly, but I’m pretty sure it’s alpaca. This had was an easy knit, and I enjoyed the design the decreases made. Which of course I didn’t get a picture of. I’m on my game this week, let me tell you…



This hat is also super soft. I like the softness. I need to start wearing this hat more…

Sorry this post is a little distracted tonight. My brother and I have been having deep discussions about feminism. 



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