Sometimes non-knitters (muggles, if you use that term) have funny reactions to my knitting things. They’re usually just curious, but sometimes they get curious in the funniest ways.

Today, for instance, I was sitting in my Personal Wellness class before it started, like I do every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I was knitting, as usual. This time I was working on my mohair bias loop, and my little Krispy Kreme donut of Aloft yarn was sitting on my desk. Then all of the sudden, my professor walks by my desk and pets my yarn.

Like he gave it a little squeeze, like we was petting a kitten or something! Then he went” Oh it IS soft.” He said it looked like a little animal all curled up on my desk.

I told him it was called mohair and he laughed. Only then did I realize that mohair is one of those words that sounds fine when you read it in your head but really funny out loud. Reading it is fine, but the moment I heard it out loud I thought of The Three Stooges.



Then I tried to explain mohair to my professor. That went well. I couldn’t remember whether it came from a goat or a rabbit…I was pretty sure goat, because Rowan Kidsilk Haze is a popular mohair yarn and it had KID in the name, as in baby goat…(this is how my mind works!) So I was pretty sure it was from a goat, but I kept thinking rabbit for some reason.

Then I googed. It’s from an Angora Goat. So that’s why I was thinking rabbit. My world makes sense again.

And so the moral of the story is: If you’re going to knit in pubic, be prepared to do some ‘splainin’.



3 thoughts on “Moe Hair

    1. Hours of entertainment? Because if my hands don’t move I feel crazy? Toasty toes? Though I’ll admit, sometimes I have trouble putting my 30+ hours of work on my feet and *cringe* rubbing it all over the floor. and the inside of shoes. They just need to stay on a pedestal and look pretty. 😛

      1. There are so many reasons I knit – but the main one is it helps me function as a normal human being.
        I have trouble wearing my socks too.
        I tend to wear ‘silly slippy shoes’ (aka ballet flats) a lot to work, and my low top converse I don’t like socks with. But making socks is fun and they’re pretty.

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