Winter’s Last Stand and Mohair


I think Winter is making it’s final effort here this weekend, because it was freezing today. Not that I minded. I’m a knitter! I love the cold! Then I can wrap up in cozy things and drink tea and read in front of the fire. It takes a bit of the sting out of reading a whole book for my History of Soviet Russia class in one day. Image

I am so not kidding.

This. Whole. Book.

Now I’m no book-in-a-day novice, but usually I reserve it for things like John Green or Harry Potter books, not non-fiction on stalinism. This book was actually pretty good though. It’s called Behind the Urals, and its from the point of view of an American who went to work in the USSR in the 1930’s. It was an interesting point of view. He has a great respect for the soviet people. The narrative style made it a lot more engaging as well. But seriously, this is what is did all day. 



I also got a bit of knitting done of my Mohair Bias Loop. I’m using Knit Picks Aloft and I can see why they chose that name. It practically floats! It completely mystifies my dad.

“It’s like thread!”

“Are you making fishnets?”

“How is that even going to keep you warm?”

No Daddy, contrary to popular belief, my knitting knows bounds. I don’t think I’d ever knit fishnets. I actually quite like knitting with Aloft. It’s so light and soft. It’s going to be like wearing a cloud. Now I’m keeping my eyes open for other projects that use mohair, because I think I’m a fan!

It’s like the Krispy Kreme donut of yarn…



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