Old FO Tuesday-Felicity


This FO comes from a long way back. The pictures also come from a long way back, because I had a total brain fart and forgot to take pictures this weekend. They’re from April 2011! I look kinda different…It’s a good thing I was a camera whore back then because it gave me a large selection of pictures to choose from. Most of them involved me making weird faces. I have matured since them. (Totally.)

I roll my eyes in your general direction.

Anyways, the pattern is Felicity. It’s a nice slouchy beanie, and one of the most comfortable hats I own. The yarn is Caron Simply Soft (again! but remember, it’s from way back!) and I think Bernat Solids. Both are dark blue, and I striped every row. I didn’t have enough of either yarn to make a full hat, but together I could do it. They were so similar in color that you can hardly tell. It was a Make It Work moment.



I actually like the subtle stripe it has because of the two yarns. I think it looks cool. It pulls a little where they switch off, but it just enhances the slouch factor, so it’s almost a plus. The edge rolls about as much as you want it too. I don’t like it rolled very much but if you want more roll or none at all it will do that too. It’s flexible like that.  I’ve always wanted to knit more of these hat, but I’ve never gotten around to it. It’d be a great pattern for some hand-spun, hand-dyed yarn. Maybe in the Summer when I have more time…Right now I barely have time to knit, let alone make my own yarn!


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