It’s a Miracle!

Remember how I had midterms last week? Remember how they sucked? Remember how I was kinda bummed out because I didn’t do well on my Medieval Art History Midterm?

So do I. Which is why I’m surprised right now.

I just got an email from my professor asking if she could use some of my test responses as examples on Blackboard (for those of you not familiar with  Blackboard its like the course website) as examples of good responses! What?!

I thought I did really poorly on that test. I get sad whenever I think about it. And not it’s exemplary?? Of course, I said yes. The responses would be anonymous, so there was no reason why not. I mentioned when I replied that I was surprised because I thought I had done poorly (I really hope she doesn’t think I’m sucking up and pretending I thought I did bad to look better. Ya’ll know I thought I did crappy.) and she responded and said I got the second highest grade in the class!

What is this miracle?!

My father, who was an Art major, has been laughing for a good hour. I’m skill kind of waiting for her to email me and go, “Crap! Wrong student! You did terrible.” I don’t know what I did or if this is a case of divine intervention or what, but I somehow did really well on that midterm. Hallelujah!



In other news, I’ve finally decided on a pattern for my bright green yarn. It’s the Honeycomb Mesh Scarf from Churchmouse Yarns and Teas because gosh darn it, their patterns are just so pretty! It also helps that this one is free. I’m really liking it so far. I’m always amazed a slip stitch patterns and how flat they lay (lie? lay?). I’m hoping that the color variations in my yarn don’t look like stains. I’m afraid they might, but I can’t tell yet. I’m really tempted to order some of the yarn that the pattern is written for. They have the loveliest colors. Ooh..I shouldn’t have looked at them again…I’m being tempted. 


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