Time And Relative Dimension in Birthdays


I had a very Doctor Who inspired day today. My cousin’s birthday party was today and it was Doctor Who themed. Since I maybe got her into Doctor Who, this calls for some extra celebration. So I decided to knit a sonic screwdriver. I knit Ten’s version because 1. I like Ten better and 2. I had the colors for his. I used all manner of scraps I had lying around in tiny jars or my small scrap goblet (yes, I have such a thing. It’s like a goblet of fire but for yarn scraps, and no fire. So like a regular goblet. It’s cool.) I stuffed it VERY tightly with the same polyfill I’ve been using on my hexipuffs. I quite like it.

My phone could be a bit more sonic.

It of course had to be modeled with my new Doctor Who shirt that I bought just for the occasion of the party. (I had bought my cousin a shirt and they were buy on get one 50% off, what was I supposed to do?) It’s been really fun to watch my family try to figure out this shirt.

“Allons…why?” My mother said. She doesn’t speak french. Or watch Doctor Who. 

Whatever. The internet understands me.



The party was really cute. It was small, just the family really, but we had fun. and my aunt made fish fingers and custard! But they weren’t really fish fingers and custard, because ew, fish. They were those wafer cookies dipped in white chocolate and rolled in graham cracker crumbs. Brilliant! and she thought of that herself. There were also cupcakes with bow ties, because bow ties are cool.

I had a lot of fun. I’m glad that my cousin likes the same things that I like and that we can talk about them, even though we’re almost ten years apart in age. It’s nice having someone in the family who is nerdy in the same places you are.


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