Shire Green

ImageGood evening. I’m sorry for not posting yesterday. It was a long day. I got a flat tire on the way to work. Apparently I had run over a screw. Not a nail! A screw! yeah…

So after waiting for AAA and waiting for new tires, I was two hours late to work. My boss was fine with it, but I ended up staying late to make up those hours. I would have felt guilty otherwise. So yeah. That was an ordeal. I’m just happy it happened during spring break and not when I had school.

Speaking of spring break…

Since I had the time, I decided to dye some yarn. One of my goals for this month was to knit with brighter colors, but I didn’t actually have any brighter colors in my stash. I did, however, have undyed yarn. Image


So I made my own bright yarn! and let me tell you, it is bright!

I mostly used Wilton’s Food Dyes for this yarn. I may have thrown in a little bit of Kool-Aid. However, the majority of the color was from Wilton’s Leaf Green. I ended up using a ton of that stuff; like half the bottle. Then I went back with a bit of royal blue to tone it down a little, because it was like highlighter green. It’s still pretty bright, but now it’s not crazy bright. I like to think of it as very hobbit-like. The color reminds me of the door to Bag End.

I haven’t decided what to make with it yet. I know I want a scarf or a cowl. My mom is voting for the Athena Scarf. I was leaning towards Mira’s Cowl (Mom says it looks boring. Psh. Whatver.).I also like the Honeycomb Mesh Scarf, but I think it might need a yarn with more of a halo. What do you think? Got any ideas on a pattern that would work with this yarn? I’m open to suggestions.




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