I’ve already posted an FO Tueday post, but suprise! You get two posts today. This deserves its own post.

Today my family and I went to the Dallas Arboretum. The tulips were blooming and the colors were just amazing.


They were seriously that bright.


I really liked these orangey-red ones. Someone find me a yarn in this color!


Also this color. These flowers are reminding me that I need more brightness around me.


Not a tulip. Still pretty.


aaand back to tulips. The sheer number of tulips was quite amazing, as was the sheer number of people at the Arboretum. I’ve never seen so many children doing cartwheels in one place before. Or more girls getting pictures taken for their quinceañera. Seriously, there were at least seven different girls dressed up like neon princesses getting their pictures taken. Only two of them knew each other. I guess it’s just the place to go..

I’d love to go back when it’s less crowded. It was a little stressful with all the people there. Children would just run past you and you’d wonder who they belonged to, because no adult nearby was claiming them. I guess that’s what you get for going during spring break. Still, it was worth it to see all the tulips. My love of light and color was seriously indulged today.


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