Care Packages

I enjoy getting mail. Like real mail. Good mail. Mail that isn’t from the bank or “to current resident”. Unfortunately, most of the good mail that I get I’ve sent to my self, using that miracle that is internet shopping.

But not this time!


Ann, from How the West was Spun and Wooly Wonka Fiber sent me a care package!

I’d never gotten a care package before. It’s one of those depressing side effects of being a commuter student. I’d sent them before, all the way back to California, but never been the recipient. But now I have! She sent it to me to give me something to look forward to while I was slogging through midterms. Wasn’t that sweet of her?

But I bet you want to see what’s in the package.


Oh the suspense.

Don’t you love opening mail with me? You don’t have to say it. I know you do.


She sent me some of her beautiful yarn! She dyes it herself and it’s just lovely. When I opened it I seriously whispered “how did she know?” because I’ve been looking for this color for a long time. It’s rusty yet vibrant. So often rusty colors look all dull and they always seem too brown to me. This is perfect. and soft too! It’s her Aerten DK yarn, so it has a touch of cashmere. I can’t stop petting it. (Don’t judge, you know you do it too!)


and then there’s the tea. It’s Rose Earl Grey tea. Let me say that again. Rose. and Earl Grey. In the same tea. It’s going to be amazing. It’s also probably the prettiest tea I’ve even seen… I’m going to try it tomorrow morning. I am Very Excited.

I am so very thankful to Ann for this lovely care package. It brightened my whole day…week…semester. It’s nice to feel cared about.



I finally got to satisfy the donut craving I’ve been having for weeks.


And it was good.



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