Dallas Quilt Celebration

ImageToday, Mom and I went to the quilt show in Dallas. Well, we went after getting terribly, frighteningly lost in downtown Dallas. Hey, at least we got to drive by the new Perot Museum. 

I’m not really much of a quilter, having never actually finished a quilt (it will happen this week, according to my mom), but my mom is a big quilter, so I went with her. She supports my craft, so I support hers. She didn’t have anything in the show(except for one block of a group quilt that won Honorable Mention), but it was nice to look around anyways.

ImageThere were some really amazing quilts there. I like the really artsy ones with the bright colors, while my mom went for the more traditional styles in pastels. This one above was mind blowing. That’s all fabric and quilting. I don’t know how she did it. Some ladies were speculating that she painted on the fabric but I really couldn’t tell. I just thought it was pretty.

ImageI mostly went to look at the vendors. Sometimes, if I’m lucky, I can find a booth selling knitting stuff. This time there was only one, and the lady selling the yarn wasn’t in, so I couldn’t tell the prices. That was a bummer, but oh well. I’ll just save my money for the Fiber Fest. I ended up buying a bar of fancy soap from two really nice vendors who had brought their spindles and spinning wheels with them. The would spin to show that their lotions absorbed quickly and didn’t impede their work. It was really cool to talk to them. I only spin on a drop spindle, and then very poorly, but I enjoy it and would love to learn more about it.  They were very encouraging. Plus, their soap smelled really good. Lavender Lemon…mmmmmm…

Mom’s block is 3 from left on the top. It’s called Pickle Puss.

Even though I’m not much of a quilter, I enjoyed going to the quilt show. I wish there was more knitterly stuff there, but I suppose it’s only fair that there isn’t…since it’s a QUILT show…I suppose it makes it even, since I’ll be dragging Mom to the Fiber Fest with me. Who knows, maybe I’ll get her into knitting!




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