A Much Needed Break


Spring Break is here and boy, did I need it.

This week was rough. There were a lot of late nights, and a lot of studying and a lot of not being able to study because I was too tired and my brain was too full.  But the worst of the midterms are behind me. I didn’t do as well on the Medieval Art History midterm as I hoped, I mixed up a couple of things and my brain was just too fried to tell the difference between Middle Byzantine and Late Byzantine Art. If you want to know about the Hagia Sophia, though, I could write you an essay (please don’t ask me to). I’m a little bummed about that test, though on the brighter side, I think I aced my Women in American History midterm.

Other than being a bit bummed about the Medieval Art test, I have been enjoying my break. I caught up on Face Off, my new guilty pleasure TV show, and did a fair amount of knitting on my Pressed Leaves hat. I was worried that the leaf pattern wouldn’t show up very well because the yarn is a bit variegated, and thought about trying a different pattern, but my mom told me to keep going. After finishing a whole leaf section, I think she’s right. It’s fairly obvious that they’re leaves. At least, it’s obvious to me…

Today I also hung out with some family. One a month we do a “Ladies Luncheon” (because Luncheon sounds fancier than Lunch), which is when all the ladies in the family go out to lunch at a restaurant chosen by the lady who has a birthday in that month. Miraculously, no two ladies have the same birthday lunch. This month was my cousin’s choice, and she chose Abuelo’s, a Tex-Mex restaurant with amazing flan. Seriously, this restaurant is why I learned how to cook flan (I must humbly state that I make a mean flan.). And guess what?

The waiter brought my cousin flan because he heard it was her birthday. It had a candle in it and everything. And then he brought some “so the rest of the table didn’t feel left out.” Yeah, I tipped on top of the gratuity for that man.


After that we went to Joann’s where I found picked up a stray ball of clearance sock yarn to go towards the Beekeeper’s Quilt. I have a few mini skeins to knit into puffs too, but one fell out of my bag while I was at my grandma’s house and now she’s keeping it hostage until I go and get it from her. Of course, I cannot simply stop by and pick up my yarn, but will probably have to stay for an hour or two and look contrite when she talks about what a picky eater I am, or points out uneven stitches in my knitting. Sigh…

But anyways!

Then my cousin came over and watched Pushing Daisies with me, because she’s never seen it and she needed to. She’s decided that Lee Pace is attractive (Which is correct, and an astute observation for an 11 year old.) but has only really seen him in Twilight. So clearly, she needed to see Pushing Daisies.

ImageGosh I love Pushing Daisies…

It’s so freakin’ adorable. And whimsical. And funny. Also, I would like all of Chuck’s clothes, please. Also, Lee Pace.


Yes. I think I will just leave you with that. Hope you are all having a nice relaxing weekend, and if you had midterms too I hope they went well!



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