March Goals


It’s time to talk goals again. This month I have a few of the same goals from last month, and then a few new ones too.

Same old goals:

1. No crap yarn.

2. Blog more than 20 days in the month.

New goals:

1. Pass midterms. And by pass I mean B or higher, because C’s don’t keep scholarships. I am so doomed.

2. Learn to pronounce Elizabeth Cady Stanton as Elizabeth KATIE Stanton, not Elizabeth CADDIE Stanton. I mess it up every time. Then I think about Mean Girls, and how no one could say Cady’s name right, and I feel ashamed.

3. Knit with a color I wouldn’t normally wear. I’m all about subdued tones. It’s time to find something bright to knit with!

4. Go to an art museum. I’ve haven’t been to one in Texas yet. 

5.Clean my room. (This is going to be the hardest one. There are just so many more interesting things to do.)

That’s all I can think of right now, perhaps after midterms I can think of a few more challenging goals, but right now my brain is fried. After Friday I’ll be pretty much done with midterms, except for my education class, but that’s fairly common sense.

But now it’s time to memorize the difference between the AERA, NWSA, AWSA, NAWSFA and the NWP. 




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