Old FO Tuesday

Greetings, knitterly friends! It is way too late at night.

Today’s old FO comes from waaaay back. How far back, you ask? Like my first ever order from Knit Picks far back. That was a looong time ago. Like possibly before Ravelry. Really long time.


Unfortunately, because it is from so long ago, and not from Ravelry, I can’t find the pattern again. Fortunately, the pattern is really easy. It’s just a seeded rib stitch with the end sewn together. The pattern was originally from Liebemarlene’s blog, but she’s changed sites a couple times, so I can’t find the original pattern any more. The yarn is Knit Picks Wool of the Andes bulky. I really loved the colors of this yarn, though it could be a little bit softer for my sensitive neck. I think I’m a little finicky when it comes to yarn softness…

The interesting thing about this cowl is that it is pretty much the only neutral cowl that I own. I don’t have any other black, white or grey cowls. I think I need to expand my repertoire. But colors are just so fun! Still, I’m thinking that another grey cowl is going to be in my knitting future.   Because grey is a beautiful color, even if it’s technically a value (thank you, high school art class for clearing that up for me). 


P.S. I call these photos “Awkward Selfies in the Library, Part Two”




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