The time of midterms is upon us.



The one thing that I don’t like about college classes is that there are only, like, 3 grades for the entire class. Midterms, Paper, Final. It gives me no time to get into the groove. I have no time to get used to the teacher’s testing style. So instead my methods range between the compulsive making of flashcards and panicking. 


It also means my desk looks like this.

Which actually isn’t much worse than how it normally looks….

But anyways!

Please forgive me if my posts are a bit…slim this week. I’m busy panicking and trying to memorize key differences between the Carolingians and the Ottonians. (Sidenote: I love Vikings. They just did their own thing. They never pretended to be Roman. Makes them so much easier to identify. Plus they look like Rohan.) 

On the plus side, after this week is spring break!!

pic from somewhere on Tumblr


Which means knitting! and sleep! and free time! without guilt! YAY! I am Very Excited for spring break.



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