Last month, I set some goals for myself. Those goals involved:

1. Blog at least 20 days in February.

2. No more crap yarn.

3. Knit Aidez

4. Try food from a food truck

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping score, but I have, and I do believe that I accomplished every one of those goals last month. I’m actually a little surprised. I expected maybe 3 out of 4 or something, but not all of them. Go me!

Since I accomplished my goal of blogging more than 20 days last month, I get to reward myself. My favorite part. 🙂


The first part of my reward I had maybe bought preemptively in hopes of achieving my goal. Hey, I was close enough that I knew I was going to make it! I bought this yarn when I went to The Shabby Sheep and isn’t it the prettiest thing ever? I just kept coming back to it because of the colors. The color is called “forest camo” but that soooo does not do it justice. In my head I call the color Leia on Endor.


I think it fits.

To go with this yarn, I needed a pattern. Things maybe snowballed from there. I ended up buying the whole Botanical Knits book.

Image from Ravelry

I paid for the actual paper book, which will be mailed out in May, but in the meantime, I have access to the ebook as well. As much as I don’t like to spend money on patterns, I feel like this was a good purchase. The ebook is beautifully done, and I can only imagine how nice the book will be. The picture are amazing. There are also lots of patterns that I would knit from this book. Plus, there’s 13 patterns in this book! 13! That’s a lot! 

I’m going to use my reward yarn to make the Pressed Leaves hat. I think it will be a good match. 🙂




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