Meet Aidez


I promised you pictures so here it is! The finished Aidez!

I had made the goal to finish this in the month of February and it was close. Like really close. Like down to the hour close. But I finished it in the month of February! Hooray!

I tried to explain my goal to the people in my wellness class, since they usually see me knitting. They asked how long it would take me to finish it and I said that my goal was to finish it in the month of February and they were a little surprised  My professor teased me for picking the shortest month in which to try to finish a sweater. I guess he has a valid point, but I knew Aidez was a quick sweater. The only way I could explain it without getting all knitter techno-babble on them was to say “it’s big yarn.”


Speaking of the yarn, it’s Knit Picks Brava Bulky in Dove Heather. Acrylic, I know. But it’s good acrylic, I swear! It’s quite soft and not squeaky or splitty at all. It’s SUPER warm though. I was wearing it in 40 degree weather and I was plenty warm. I’ve actually worn it a lot since I finished it, because it is seriously comfy. I really need to block it, but that would require taking it off. 


I had been concerned that the armholes might be too tight, since I’d read on Ravelry that some people had issues with that. They were a little snug when I first finished it, but with more wear they’ve relaxed and they fit perfectly. Speaking of perfect fit, I am really pleased with how the fit on this came out. I had done the smallest size, a 32, even though I’m usually a 34 because my gauge was a bit bigger. It worked out perfectly. It’s not too tight on my arms, and not too loose as to be unflattering. I think I’m going to get a lot of use out of this sweater. I’d even consider making this again, though I’d read the pattern more carefully next time. I was in such a hurry this time that I made a lot of mistakes, which of course caused me to have to go back and fix things, which didn’t actually help on the time saving…so yeah…

Just take the time to read the pattern like a normal person and you’ll be fine.





4 thoughts on “Meet Aidez

  1. This is very lovely! You did a great job. I’m totally impressed that you finished it in the shortest month of the year, I usually need years for a big project like that!

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