Old FO Tuesday!

It’s time for Old FO Tuesday! and thank goodness, because otherwise I got nothing to show you. It’s been one of those days, and not in a good way. The traffic was so bad this morning that I was fifteen minutes late to my first class (Oh, the shame!). I’m usually 30 minutes early. It was…not fun (synonyms: mortifying, embarrassing, disheartening, awkward-as-heck). Fortunately, nothing else bad happened for the rest of the day, but I also didn’t get much knitting done either. But that’s okay because yay OLD FO Tuesday!

So let’s get to it.


Today’s old FO is Barley Sugar by Ysolda Teague. Ya’ll know I love me some Ysolda (Goodness, wasn’t that sentence Texan..). She’s pretty much my favorite designer. This pattern is from her Saturday Treat Collection, all of which I loved, but most of all this pattern. It’s a lace weight cowl done in Brioche Stitch, with an interesting twist element done in stockinette.


Let’s talk about Brioche Stitch. It’s absolutely fascinating. When it’s done in lace weight yarn it’s so squishy, yet light. It creates a very interesting, warm fabric. Plus, it’s reversible, so that’s nice. It can get a little bit tedious since it’s the same thing over and over for such a long time, but I promise the end result is worth it. Though, if I may pass on some Learned-the-Hard-Way knowledge to you; watch this video if you drop a stitch.

and you will drop a stitch. Just watch this before you’ve done 3/4ths of the scarf just picking up stitches willy nilly (because you won’t want to tink back for those dropped stitches either. again, trust me.). This video makes things so much better.


Next order of business, let us discuss the yarn. This is one of the very few times that I have used the yarn recommend by the pattern, color and everything (really probably the first time…). The yarn is Fyberspates Scrumptious Lace in the color Treacle Toffee. It was the most expensive yarn I’ve ever bought and it was totally worth it. Besides, it was my birthday gift to me (I sound like Gollum. It was my own, my precious, my birthday present.).

This yarn is amazing. It practically glows. Like, the leftovers are sitting on my shelf right now and it’s just gleaming like it’s in the sun, except it’s not, it is in my room at 11:30 at night.  Plus this yarn color makes my eyes look totally cool. That’s a great perk.


Remember how with Miette I said it was my favorite project ever? This project was the runner up. It’s beautiful pattern made out of beautiful yarn that also happens to be soft. It also looks super impressive to non-knitters. That’s always a plus.


2 thoughts on “Old FO Tuesday!

  1. I’ve tried brioche once and failed spectacularly. But I was a very young knitter and I did try a two colour brioche when I hadn’t done any colour work before. So maybe i was a little hasty. I love the colour- it looks like comfort.

    1. I’ve never done a whole project in two color brioche stitch, but I’ve played around with it, and I definitely think that the one color is waaay easier. It’s still a little challenging, but after a while it gets a rhythm to it. Let me know if you try it again! 🙂

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