Lazy Sunday Post



Hello, friends. I hope you had a good Sunday. Mine was nice, despite minor frustrations related to the car stuff. We went to get the inspection on my car now that we had the new tires, and they were out of inspection stickers! So I will be needing to take my car in again! Ugh.


Except for the car issues, my Sunday was nice. My parents and I went for a walk at a new park because it was one of the three days in Texas when there was good weather. It was quite fun. We saw seagulls, which always remind me of California. We also ran into lots of friendly people who wanted us to have a nice day. Texans are so friendly like that.Image

I also got the first of Dad’s fingerless mitts done (Hooray!). So many ends to weave in. I hate weaving in ends. Probably because I’m never sure if I’m doing it correctly. It took over an hour long skype conversation, but I got all the ends woven in. Now I only have one mitt left and then I’m free!



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