Old FO Tuesday


I have decided to make Tuesdays into Old FO days on the blog. This is because:

1. I want to bring my Ravelry page up to speed with all the projects I’ve finished. 


2. Blog fodder can be hard to come by during the school year. I’m away from home almost twelve hours a day, so it’s difficult to take pictures (unless i take my camera to school. which is…heavy.) and my production knitwise gets a lot slower. But I have piles of projects that I’ve never put on my blog or my ravelry page. So I can still share those. It’s totally fair game.

So yay Old FO Tuesdays! I’m gonna have to figure out a cutesy name for that…



The old FO of today is the Stockholm Scarf…Which is actually a cowl. Mine is made out of 2 skeins of Berroco Vintage. The yarn was given to me as a gift. It’s a good sturdy yarn, and I love the color, though it’s not the softest in the world. I think it’ll soften up with more washing and wearing though.

The pattern itself is pretty simple, just repeats of an easy lave pattern. It’s actually really cool how it’s totally reversible. The reversibility is fortunate, as I managed to knit this cowl with not one twist, but two (the pattern doesn’t call for a twist. I’m just cool that way.). I would have thought that two twists would equal no twist, but apparently not. It’s not really noticeable when you wear it looped, though I feel like it does make it bulkier, and it’s already pretty bulky. The cowl is meant to be super big, so if you knit this, be prepared. I kept thinking that surely it was wide enough, that I should stop soon because I was getting close to the end, but nope. This thing is wiiiide. Fortunately, it still manages to be a quick knit. It’s a lovely pattern and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants a big, fat, cozy cowl.