She Likes to Dye Yarn With It



I wanted to show you the final results of the dye job that I had done over the weekend. The last time we left off, I was going to buy more Kool-aid and dye some of the light spots. There as still a few light spots (gah! How?!?), but at this point we’re just going to call it a design feature.



I do have a funny story about getting the Kool-Aid to finish dying the yarn on Sunday. We live super close to Target, which is my personal happy place. As my mother and I were strolling through Target, arm in arm, she said, “I wonder if we’ll see anyone we know today.” This often happens at Target: Land of Wonders. I actually kind of love seeing people we know out in public because when we first moved to Texas it felt so lonely, like we’d never run into any friends ever again. But now we do! So it always makes me happy. 

You can probably tell where this story is going. Of course we saw someone we knew. Well, someone that mom knew. It was a friend of hers from weight watchers. We chatted for a few minutes, and she asked what we were at Target for. 

“Kool-aid.” Mom said. “Tori likes to dye yarn with it.”

And the lady just looked at me and said, “Of course.” I still can’t figure out if she was being sarcastic, of if she was recognized me as a fellow Kool-aid dyer. The look could have either meant “okay, freak” or “she’s one of us!”. I honestly can’t tell though. I hope it’s the latter.

Anyone else get weird responses to their crafting endeavors?

Hexipuff count: 10! (Yes, I stayed up late finishing a puff so I could put 10. I like even numbers, okay)