It seems I had more yarn for the hexipuff than I thought. Last night I rummaged through the deep dark corners of my stash and found a few things I forgot about.


The first was a wee little bit of Malabrigo Sock, which I used to make the hexipuff above. This yarn has been my favorite yarn to knit with to date. The colors never cease to amaze me. It looks like oil on water, or the rainbow of colors you see in glossy black feathers in the right light. Completely amazing. The sad part is that I only had enough of that yarn to make one hexipuff. But I think it will be my favorite hexipuff. forever. hands down.




I also found the leftovers from a sock blank that I had forgotten about. This sock blank had been given to me by a much more experienced knitter than I was at the time. The was the woman who introduced me to Ravelry! Needless to say, my life hasn’t been the same since.January 2013 325

I just knit up a puff with it, and I was surprised to find that the puff has perfect little stripes! It’s adorable.

January 2013 332I found other yarns too, but they weren’t nearly as pretty. But I feel like I’m more on my way than I was. I think sometime I’d like to try buying a bag of mini skeins, just to throw a little variety in there. Maybe once I run out of the yarn I have.

Progress also continues on the Stripe Study Shawl. I am on the main color border. So close to the end…and yet so far…The rows are starting to feel reaaaaally long. I suppose they are reaaaaaally long. I haven’t counted how many stitches in a while…I’m almost afraid to.