Test Dyes


Just popping in with a quick post for tonight since I’ve got a killer headache. The first day of classes went well. My professors seem really nice and enthusiastic about their subjects. I only got lost once, but it was totally valid. The room was on the third floor of a theater, and the stairs only went to the second floor. What’s up with that?? I had to take an elevator to the third floor. I’m sure there are stairs somewhere because to not have them would be a fire hazard, but the Arts building is like a maze, and I couldn’t find them. Consequently, I was just barely late to class (My professor was understanding though.). And hooooly crap, I am going to be doing some walking this semester. It’s like the three buildings that I need to be in are equally spaced out as far apart as possible. I have ten minutes between classes and I’m going to need every second! At least I’ll be getting exercise (for once…ahem…).Image

On the knitting front, I think I’ve finally figured out what color I’m going to dye that recycled cashmere. As you can see, there were many trials made on the scraps from unraveling. 

The blue was dyed with Wilton’s Royal Blue icing dye. I think it’s a little bright for my tastes though. The teal/green was a mixture of Wilton’s Sky Blue and Wilton’s Brown dyes, which surprisingly came out looking very green. I guess because there is a lot of yellow in the brown. I didn’t like the color at first, but it’s growing on me. The next was a mixture of Black Cherry Kool-Aid and Wilton’s Burgundy (I accidentally plunged my thumb into the burgundy while trying to open the package. It was hot pink for days.). It’s a nice color, but a bit washed out in person. The middle red was made with Tropical Punch Kool-Aid. I’m thinking that this is the color I might go with, though I might tone it down a wee bit more. It’s a little ketchup-ey in certain lights. But I like the color saturation. The last one was Black Cherry Kool-Aid and Wilton’s Black dye. It’s very similar to the other burgundy.

The bright red and the green are my favorites, I might split the yarn and do half in each color(for separate projects of course.). I haven’t decided yet. I’m doing to try to do some dyeing tomorrow though, before the semester gets busy. I’ll let you know how it goes!