Lusting After Patterns

Guys, school starts again tomorrow. To quote John Green, “The sound my anxiety makes is ‘aaaaaah!'” Yeah, I go between being fine with school starting up again and being completely panicked. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I mean, I survived last semester. I was just a bundle of stress half the time. While I don’t look forward to being a bundle of stress again, I do look forward to a time when I will have a job where I do not need to be a bundle of stress. That’s what college is for, right? So I don’t have to get paid minimum wage to do manual labor for the rest of my life. So looking forward to that time…

But anyways, you probably want to hear about the knitting. My needles have not been idle.Image

Do you ever have a knitting pattern that you lust after? Like you spend hours just looking at the completed projects on Ravelry and marveling at how pretty they are, and how warm and squishy they look. For me, this pattern was Stripe Study (just going to the ravelry page to get the link for this made me go “aah! It looks so cozy!”). This lusting after patterns probably would be a problem if I would just go ahead and buy the freaking pattern. But I can’t just buy a pattern. I have to make myself wait. I must torture myself. Because I don’t want to spend the money. I was serious when I said I was cheap as heck (Also see aforementioned monologue about being a minimum wage college student.). So after making myself wait for practically a month, my mother and I had a talk.

Mom: You need to just buy the pattern already.

Me: But….It’s kind of a lot..

Mom: You never spend money. It’s not that expensive. Buy it.

Soooo…I bought the pattern.


And it is so. cool.

You read it and you think, “really?…That’s all there is?…That’s all you do?” It’s so wonderfully simple that you are struck both by how clever the designer is, and how you do not possess such a cleverness. 

As many have said before me, this makes great low-concentration knitting. Some people may get bored by garter stitch, but I love it! I could see myself knitting multiples of these and I haven’t even finished the pattern yet. The only disadvantage is that the more you work on it, the longer it takes to complete one row. So when it was growing really quickly, it now feel reaaaally sloooow. But the need to wear this thing on my body is keeping me engaged. I can’t wait to finish it.