A Tragic Tale

Dear readers, let me tell you a tale. It is a tragic tale, but there is room for redemption at the end.

Once upon a Time there was a young knitter. For a long time she knit alone, making only long, thin, garter stitch scarves. Then an older, more experienced knitter showed her Ravelry. She frolicked around this online paradise, where the free patterns were cute, and not designed by Lion Brand. One fateful day, the young knitter discovered the designs of Ysolda Teague. Wise knitters may nod their head and smile. They know the magic that surrounds the patterns of Ysolda Teague.

The young knitter found herself quite taken by a simple hat pattern, Ripley was it’s name. It was modern. It was cute. “Could I look good in a hat like that?” The knitter thought. “Could I pay that much for a pattern?” She found that she could. She bought the pattern, a rare treat, and she knit the hat up. It was perfect. It was slouchy, comfortable, attractive and green.  It seemed like the knitter and the hat had been together forever. She didn’t even take a picture of it, there would be plenty of time for that later.

But the knitter grew lax. She took the hat for granted, and did not care for it responsibly. One day, tragedy struck. The lovely green hat ended up in the knitter’s laundry basket. Yes, dear friends, the young knitter accidentally felted the lovely green hat. 



Through her despair, the knitter wryly noticed that it had felted remarkably well. But alas, this hat was now far to small to fit the knitter, or even a child(though maybe a toddler). The knitter threw the felted hat into a basket, and looked at it no more. Months passed, and then a year. Finally, the next Winter, the knitter remembered how much she had loved that hat. How the slouch wasn’t bulky, how the lace edging looked so special. She thought to herself, “Just because that hat was ruined, it does not mean that I can never knit that pattern again..”

So the knitter dug out the pattern, found some green yarn, and cast on(provisionally).

This saga is not yet over, dear readers! Will the young knitter redeem herself? Or will this be the hat that got away? To be continued…



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