Double Knitting



I had mentioned earlier that I wanted to try double knitting. It’s a technique I’d never done before, and I wanted to challenge myself. I pride myself on having more knitting knowledge than my Grandma, but I have to keep learning stuff because she’s never far behind me.

Well, I learned how to do double knitting. Now I can move on with life. I feel no need to ever knit a full scarf in double knitting. I like the fabric it makes. It’s pleasingly thick and smooshy. It’s not terribly confusing, though you definitely have to be paying attention. And yet, there came a point in time when I looked up from my( extremely, immensely wide) double knit scarfling and thought, “I’m never going to finish this. It’s going to take forever.”

 Since I only have about a week until school starts up again, I want to cram in as much knitting as I can. I don’t want to spend it knitting something I’m only slightly enthusiastic about, especially if it’s going to take up mountains of time. I want to knit something that excites me, that I can knit while re-watching Lord of the Rings again, that doesn’t make my hands hurt. So I shall leave my foray into double knitting.

It was an interesting challenge, but as a Sweet Brown would say, “ain’t nobody got time for that!”